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Every parent with more than one child has experienced sibling rivalry. Toys are a child’s first possessions and they must be guarded diligently. Children realize early in life that the toys belonging to their siblings are more desirable than their own. They are willing to spend a large portion of their waking hours in an attempt to obtain those toys for their own play, while at the same time protecting their own toys from being borrowed.
Toys is a poem about this rivalry and the childhood envy with which we are all born. It should be noted that envy is not restricted to children, a little of it is carried with us throughout life.
by Wayne Edwards

Sister has the best toys,
She has so many more.
That’s ’cause she is oldest
I think she’s almost four.

Bubba’s toys are neatest,
I think they’re really cool.
They must stay in his crib
‘Cause that’s my Mommy’s rule.

I wish that I could talk.
Then someone would be told
That I need all new toys
‘Cause mine are getting old!
by Wayne Edwards

Mom said my toy truck’s gar-unteed,
One hundred sixty three percent.
So I hit it with my hammer;
It didn’t even make a dent!
“Unstructable”, my mommy said.
Why would they make a toy like that?
I threw it ‘way up in the air,
And hit it with my loom-num bat.
The bat was old so I don’t care,
‘Cause it will still be lots of fun.
Now that the handle’s bent like that,
It makes a real neat make-bleeve gun.
It’s my favorite toy of all,
My gar-unteed unstructable truck.
I use it when I want to break
The other toys I can destruct.
Copycat Friend
by Wayne Edwards

I have a very good best friend
Who likes to have the things I like,
My baseball glove, my wooden bat
My toys, my shoes, my pets, my bike.
It might not always be so good
To share in everything I do,
‘Cause yesterday I broke my arm
Today at school, he broke his too!  
Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite
by Wayne Edwards

My mother said, as I crawled into bed, 
“Don’t let the bedbugs bite.” 
I haven’t a clue of what I can do 
But I’ll put up one heck of a fight!
Are bedbugs as big as a guinea pig? 
Would they rather bite girls, or boys? 
Do they wait in the dark with a knife and a fork 
Or hide in the box with my toys?
Do they find it a treat to chew on my feet, 
Or dine on my elbows and knees? 
Or is it true that they bring a whole crew 
To bite me wherever they please?
If I can catch one, it just might be fun 
To put it on eBbay for sale; 
Or it might be cool to take it to school 
To use for my next show and tell.
The Wizard at Our House
by Wayne Edwards

A wizard came to visit us
He told me that his name was Mark
He says he came here on the bus
He is a very selfish guest.
If irritation is his plan,
I think that he must be the best.
He likes to write things on my wall
And leave toys out to give Dad pain
When he walks barefoot down the hall.
He leaves the toilet seat upright
And never ever flushes it
Which makes mom scream out the night!
Dad says that wizards don’t exist
When I blame everything on Mark;
It makes him mad when I insist.
That he’s a wizard’s plain to see
‘Cause he’s cast spells on Mom and Dad
That makes them think that he is me.

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