21 Months until Election

Bill Neinast


Sit back.  Relax, if you can.  There are still 21 months, or about 630 days, before the 2020 general election.

Reservations for all the hours and minutes in those 600 plus days are already booked by Democrat candidates for the presidency.  A photo display of all the politicians already creating campaign committees will not fit on one page of standard news magazines.’’

Comparing the current lineup of Democrat candidates with that of Republicans four years ago is like comparing the roster of a 12 member football team  with that of a six member team.

The candidates currently receiving the most attention are the Socialist/Democrats.  They are the darlings of the press because they are promising a redistribution of the nation’s wealth to be passed out of a large bag of freebies.

The current front runner in this scam is Karmala Harris, the junior California Senator.

Her initial plunge into the very big pool of candidates was to essentially abolish billionaires, to shackle anyone with an income above ten million dollars with choking taxes, to eliminate private health insurance companies, to provide free health care to everyone in America through a one payer Medicare system, and to provide debt free college education for all who desire it.

WOW!, even some Democrats think this goes too far.  Millionaire Michael Bloomberg, a former mayor of NYC, said free Medicare for all would quickly bankrupt the country.   Then the medical care insurance companies unloaded a barrage of criticism.

Consequently, Harris backed off of her criticism of the insurance industry.  Her promises of Medicare for all, however, continues to lure those masses of voters anticipating more freebies.

Two problems, in addition to the question of affordability, are never mentioned in the grandiose promises of free Medicare for all.

First is the uncontrollable flood of men, women, and children lining up in front of medical clinics with minor complaints.  To get an idea of how many unnecessary freebies are collected, visit with EMS personnel about repeated calls to the same locations for minor or imagined medical problems because it is without cost to the caller.

Dr. Mom with her medical bag of castor oil, Vicks Vapor Rub, Pepto Bismal, iodine, and a lot of band aids was already well on the way to retirement.  Free medicare for all will quickly usher the few remaining Dr. Moms to either the nearest retirement center or the cemetery.

Second, where will the doctors come from to tend to the flood of patients?  If doctors become, in effect, employees of the single payer, how many young men and women will decide to invest eight to 12 years of college to become doctors?

Most of the offers or promises of free medical care for all are based on an assertion that everyone has a right to medical care.  

First, who has the authority to determine or confer rights on individuals?  Second, who or what imposes an obligation to pay for an individual’s exercise of his or her right to medical care?

If a precedent is established of the government paying for an individual’s exercise of the right to medical care, what about the individual who desires to exercise his Constitutional right to bear arms, but he cannot afford the cost of a pistol or rifle?  

Do we want to start down that slippery slope? 

So here’s the perspective.

The typing of these words was interrupted by a viewing of the movie “Dr. Zhivago.”  

This movie is a fictionalized version of the socialist takeover of Russia after WWI.  My two week tour of the Soviet Union in 1984, however, and a similar visit in East Germany and Poland after the Berlin Wall fell convinced me that “Dr. Zhivago” is not too far off the mark.

So relax in an easy chair and enjoy a visit with the good Dr. Zhivago.  As you watch the takeover of a country’s wealth by the government, keep asking yourself if that could happen here.

In my opinion, it can and will if the Democrat Party keeps jumping on the wagons of Sanders and Harris.

Remember that when the campaigning kicks into high gear in a few months.



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