A President from the Business World?

Bill Neinast


Another hat has been tossed into the Republican presidential primary ring.  This one shows more signs of wear than the others cluttering the ring or the air just above it.

The not so new new comer is Donald Trump.  He indicated in a news conference last week that he probably would be a candidate for president and that he would make a formal announcement of his candidacy in the summer.

Unfortunately, some think that he does not have the face of a world leader.  That could be a hurdle in his path to the White House.

He seems to be aware of that, however, as the redo of his hair style for the mentioned interview presented a much better picture.

If he does get serious about being a candidate, he would add some interesting elements to the campaign battle.

He notes that he could and would fund the campaign from his own resources.  He said in the news conference that he would not seek or accept donations.  His words were something like, “There would be no one offering to donate or raise millions of dollars for me in return for an appointment as an ambassador or other post.”

Compare that with Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she plans to raise 2.5 billion dollars in donations for her campaign.  Wonder what the donors of big bucks in that campaign will expect in return?

Another factor in Trump’s favor is his lack of political experience.  He has never held an elective office.  His realm is big business.  He apparently knows how to make things work in a way that produces profits instead of constantly growing deficits.

The government is big business.  Maybe there should be a businessman at its helm.  

The Republicans are now flirting with three business leaders as candidates--Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, who rose from the slums to become a renowned neurosurgeon, and Carly Fiorina, a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.  Adding to their credentials in this politically correct world, Carson is black and Fiorina is female.

Who could ask for a better mix.  A white woman with business rather than political credentials, a black physician who knows what it is like to live among gangs in poverty, and a white self-made male wanting to be our leader.

Many of the White House occupants who got there through some type of political service have not done to well.  Maybe it is time to give a business expert a chance to show us how its done.

Trump also said in the interview that his campaign slogan will be “Let’s Make America Great--Again!” 

That could be the game changer.  The last six years have been a disaster for this country.  The US has fallen from its throne as the most respected and envied nation in the world. More than 20,000 interviews in 20 countries bestowed that prestige on Germany.

Imagine that.  Less than a century ago, Germany was the most despised country in the world.  Now it has replaced the U.S. as the best nation.

There is no need to wonder why.  Our current leader has drawn too many red lines in the sand, then walked away when the lines were crossed.  No one trusts us any more.

So here’s the perspective.

Leaving the White House to politicians may not have been a good idea.  A President with sound business experience could not possibly do worse than his political predecessors.

He or she might establish better and more efficient methods of running the country’s business.  The Republican Party is now offering three possible candidates from the business world.

Let’s give it a try.      


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