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Via an email, Alan told me he had been a long time viewer and reader of oldartguy.com.  I appreciate that.  Being that he’s also an old art guy, I asked him if he would like to participate on the website with his own page.  Thank the Lord, he agreed.  I’ve since visited Alan in his gallery.  He’s a fun guy. 


“Hello out there you lovers of unusual art.  I am Alan Gerson---perhaps the least-known-almost-famous-self-taught artist in America.  “I think I've been an artist all my life. I've always enjoyed working with my hands, drawing, painting and making "stuff."  I have been self-employed since the early 70's beginning as a house painter. I learned how to paint signs and have made a living doing that for the past forty years. Those skills led me to custom painting on motorcycles, airbrush murals, and related commercial artwork.

“As my interest in other art forms progressed, I learned how to paint portraits, which in time sparked my curiosity toward sculpture. Since discovering sculpture, I have experimented with various materials creating art from paper-mache, wood, metal, clay, resin, concrete, and anything else as yet undiscovered.

“I am located in Brenham, Texas, a rural community between Houston and Austin.  I have a gallery and work space within my home where I share space with my wife Frances, also an artist.  Frances creates with fabric, beads, and various found objects. Most of our work on our site is available at the gallery.  If you are in this area, you are welcome to come by and have a look.

Mr. Mustache made from VW hood, steel, and resin

“In addition to the work offered on my website, I also accept commissions to create custom artwork that I make from photos or your own ideas---any size, any pose, any style.  Do you have an idea for a work of art that exists only in your imagination?   Describe it to me, I can make almost anything.

“If you find something interesting on my site and would like to know more about it, additional photos are available.   I would appreciate your visiting our business, our website, or your contacting us vias email or telephone.”




Alan’s Galleries:

Gerson Artworks

The gallery, known locally as the Purple House, is located at 307 West Alamo, one block west of downtown Brenham, Texas.

Alan’s Updates:

Keep on Smilin’

junk art sculpture

Red Hat Club

14x11 acrylic

Mr. Egghead

polymer clay and found skillet


metal art

Church Lady

11x14 acrylic

Potty Mouth

found object sculpture

Day of the Dead

16x20 acrylic painting on wood

Texas Girl

made from found kitchen objects

Smokin’ a Cuban

16x20 acrylic

Give Peace a Chance

16x20 acrylic painting

Flower Child

acrylic painting

Kinky Friedman with the Kinky Friedman Bobble Head

life size caricature of the Kinkster


11x14 charcoal portrait of Andy Warhol

Frieda the Smasher

found object assemblage

The Witch Doctor

found objects

Birds of a Feather

11x14 painting



old ironing board and other stuff


Professor  Pink           Google Eyes                    Leon

made from found coffee pot / welded metal sculpture / made from old coffee pot and vase

Big Gun

5‘x12’ sculpture made from steel wire and resin


steel, wire, and resin (24 inches tall)

Grinning Cat

acrylic painting on wook 12x16

Baby Bump

junk art sculpture

Top Dawg of the Hill

acrylic painting 11x14

Hurry Here It Comes

11x14 acrylic painting

What Am I Doing Here?

junk art sculpture

Curly Cue-tie

11x14 acrylic painting

Chaos in Color

16x20 acrylic


acrylic painting on wood 10x10

See Ya in the Funny Papers

mixed media found object art

Tea Time

found object art

Wizard Man 2

hydrastone cast sculpture monnted on a round tin top painted with acrylics

Coffee Pot Guy

junk art sculpture

Psychedelic Wind Surfer

1989 GMC art van featured in 2009 Houston Art Car Parade

Glorious Morning

polymer clay, found box, painted