Aliens on Stage

Bill Neinast

Wednesday and Thursday nights were more scary than any Halloween in memory.  Where did those aliens come from?  Which of the planets or trillions of other heavenly bodies is their home?

The manikins or robots disguised as humans that appeared on the stage in Miami last week spoke excellent English.  Their utterances, however, indicated they had no knowledge of American history, capitalism, or basic concepts of profit making operations.

Those human look alikes were the 20 individuals seeking the Democrat nomination for President of the United States.  But what country were they talking about?  And what American businesses were they wiling to take down?

Today, the US is the economic powerhouse of the world.  The GDP is growing faster than anywhere else, unemployment is the lowest in decades with thousands of unfilled jobs,  the unemployment rate is the lowest ever for minorities, wages are steadily increasing,  jobs exported to other countries because of high taxes are coming back home, and paychecks are bigger because of tax cuts.

According to the 20 wannabes on the stage, however, none of this golden state was found in the U.S.  None of this was keeping Americans from living on beans and bread and living from meager paycheck to meager paycheck.  According to these candidates, this unbearable state of near poverty was due to the greed of businessmen who were more interested in profits than service.

Duh?  Where are all those jobs coming from?  Who is empowered to determine a “proper” profit for any business?  If businesses cannot make the profit they desire, why start a business and bear the burden of managing a factory full of employees?  Is the government the only entity capable of operating a “fair” business?

According to every man and woman standing on the stage Wednesday and Thursday, the only way to correct the multitude of economic injustices in the country was to flood the country with freebies.  There was to be free medical care for everyone, including illegal aliens, free schooling from kindergarten through college, and elimination of existing college student loan debt.

When asked how all these gifts would be paid for, the answers were quick and simple.  Just raise taxes.  Then, though, there would be an even faster note that the tax increase would be on those greedy wealthy individuals who make a lot more annually than their employees. 

No one mentioned that Americans earning or making $200,000.00 or more annually already pay over 60% of the collected  income tax.  How much more will be expected from them?  What will be the incentive for them to keep producing if they have to give so much to the government that they are in the same financial position as the janitors in their businesses?

Who decides what is fair in this situation?

Then on free medical care for all, Bernie Sanders, the strongest proponent of Medicare for all, claims this would lower medical costs.

Anyone on Medicare who looks at their individual Medicare report will know there is a wide disparity between what the doctor or hospital charges and what Medicare pays.  Under current law, the medical facility cannot collect from any source more than the Medicare approved amount.

There was no further comment when one of the candidates noted that when some hospital administrators were asked what they would do if everyone of their patients were on Medicare, the response was, “We would have to close.”

As noted here previously, Medicare for all  would convert all medical personnel to government employees.  The government would tell them what procedures they could perform and how much they would be paid for each procedure.  The result would be an increase of demand and a decrease of poviders.

That seems to be the guiding principle for each of those contestants on the stage last week.  Did they all have the same business and economics instructors in school?

So here’s the perspective.

The loud applause from the audience Wednesday and Thursday evenings was as scary as those speakers from other countries describing the situations in their homes.  The financial problems and suffering described by the speakers had to have been from some country other than the extremely prosperous United States.

The most scary part of last week, however, was the picture it painted of what this country may look like when our great grandchildren reach the age of deciding whether they want to become productive citizens to support themselves or just laze around and live on government freebies.

Think about your descendants when you vote.  What kind of government are you leaving them?



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