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Art’s a Journey

Robin Avery


Art is a journey mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.  And in September it was a TRUE physical journey to the aspen colored mountains of southeast Colorado!

I had heard from many Was-h (Watercolor Arts Society Houston) friends about the Stephen Quiller workshop in Creede, but for various reasons, I had never attended. Curiosity about plein aire painting and my excitement about the Colorado mountains ignited a latent passion to attend.  Stepping out on the limb, I asked an art friend whom I really didn't know well to go with me. Delighted that Debbie Hagemeyer excitedly committed to going, plans were made.

On September 19 we took off.  What an adventure we had besides all the fun we had getting acquainted.  We drove past some amazing scenery and guess what!  Crazy artists that we are, we stopped to photograph whenever we wanted to capture the moment!  Santa Fe was one of our stops along the way.  The yellow shimmering aspens against the cobalt blue skies were intoxicating.  The wide open New Mexico skies against the grandiose rock formations were jaw dropping!

Creed awaited us the third day. The narrow step-back-in-time town was charming.  The Quiller Gallery held court in the middle of town.  A turquoise  and purple marquee hung over the doorway.  Being great fans of Stephen's paintings, we felt like Willie Wonka in the chocolate factory!  Old brick walls were adorned with colorful paintings done in watercolor, casein, and acrylic.
We stayed the week at the amazing 4RURanch in Creede.  Hospitality galore: fine dining and very nice accommodations. The group was probably the best all around workshop group I have had the pleasure of  being with.  From both coasts and genders and ages, it was indeed an eclectic assembly of artists. No one person dominated the attention or adoration from Stephen.  Inspiring and encouraging new art friends were made. 
Everything was planned and executed perfectly from what and where we painted to when and where we ate and dined.  All the details were accounted for.  We had an old fashioned cowboy cookout with a  cowboy and his guitar to a TexMex luncheon with margaritas, and  cocktails and dinner at Stephen and Marta's house was really over the top.  He even took us over to his studio to view his latest works. We can't say enough about how truly genuine a person he is and how generous he was with his time and encouragement.

So this was a true art journey for me...physically of course,  but also mentally, emotionally , spiritually, and socially.

Treat yourself to such a journey. It can be at one of our paint-ins, paint-outs or be a longer journey out of state.   It certainly was a treat for my senses.