Auf Wiedersehen

Bill Neinast

In German, we say auf wiedersehen.  In English, it is till we meet again.

In either language, this is my farewell. My  ship is heading for dry dock to await salvage.

The 20 year cruise has been generally smooth sailing.  There were a few choppy areas, but they were mild.

The first “In Perspective” appeared on these pages in October 2001.  Except for four or five weeks, it has appeared in every Tuesday’s edition since.  That means over 1000  In Perspectives have found space on your reading table.

Well, age is now demanding its toll.  My eyes have deteriorated to the point of no correction.  I can read newsprint only with the aid of magnifiers, a slow and frustrating procedure.  Even after substantially enlarging the size of the font on my computer, I have to use a magnifying  glass to review my words.  In other words, it has gotten hard to visit with you.  That means it is time to put this ship in dry dock.

So here’s the perspective.

Many thanks to the Brenham Banner Press for giving me this platform to visit with you.  

Many thanks to my lovely and loving wife, Jeannine, for proofreading my every word and keeping me from some embarrassing mistakes.

And, most of all, thanks to you.  Your comments  in agreement and disagreement let me know that In Perspective was filling its roll—it was making you think.

Auf wiedersehen!



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