Barack Obama---What a Guy!

Bill Neinast

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was brought home from five years of captivity by the Taliban, restored to active duty, and paid tens of thousands of dollars in back pay.  This was done with cheers and kudos for President Obama being such a humanitarian who leaves no soldier behind.

Little publicity was given to the ransom that was paid for Bergdahl.  Six U.S. servicemen lost their lives while searching for Bergdahl after he went AWOL and five Taliban leaders were released from confinement at Guantanamo Bay.

Finally, after Obama left the White House, Bergdahl was court-martialed for desertion, found guilty, and discharged with a dishonorable discharge.  Oddly, there was not around the clock media coverage of the final chapter of the shirker Obama so gallantly refused to leave behind.

The media was too busy at that time showering Obama with more kudos for another ransom.  That was the plane load of U.S. dollars flown to Tehran to buy the release of Americans being held as prisoners in Iran.  

That ransom was also the opening for Obama to negotiate an unenforceable, full-of-holes, unsigned agreement with the Iranian Mullahs.  Under this agreement, Iranian military installations are exempt from international inspections and inspections of nuclear research facilities require more than three weeks notice.  After ten years there will be no restrictions on Iranian development of nuclear weapons.

When our President withdrew the U.S. from this facade of a treaty,  the media came down on him like a swarm of wasps.

About the same time, three Americans held prisoner in North Korea were released and returned home without any type of ransom or quid pro quo.  Our President then thanked Kim Jong-Un for the Americans’ freedom and referred to him as something like a nice man.

Those comments ignited an explosion in the media.  How dare our President show respect to a despot like Kim Jong-Un?   Did he not know that, unlike the nice Mullahs of Iran, the dictator of North Korea was mistreating his own people?

Even worse, the negotiations for a nuclear free Korea were giving Kim Jong-un recognizable status on the world stage.  That was a concession to North Korea for which we were not receiving an equal benefit.  

Then when our President traveled to Singapore and met Kim Jong-un with a handshake, some thought Armageddon had arrived.  Our inept President was going to be out maneuvered, North Korea would become a nuclear power, and the world would be facing a threat like none ever experienced previously.

Now take a look behind the relentless criticism of our President’s relation with North Korea.  Three American prisoners were released without the payment of any type of ransom.

Korea’s international missile testing has stopped.  One nuclear experiment and testing facility has been destroyed in the presence of media representatives from around the world.  Then last week, the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. signed an agreement in which Korea agreed to the total and complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

The only cost to the United States was to discontinue joint military exercises with South Korea and to remove nuclear weapons from South Korea.

According to Democrat spokesmen and much of the media, this was a calamitous loss for the U.S. and a big win for North Korea because Kim Jong-Un, like his father and grandfather, cannot be trusted.  According to these critics, Kim Jong-Un will not abandon his quest for nuclear weapons and we have substantially weakend our military posture in the Far East.

So here’s the perspective.

In the media’s eyes, Barack Obama could do no harm.  Conversely, our President has no clue about foreign relations and can do nothing right.

We know the Iranian nuclear agreement is headed for nuclear weapons in the Iranian arsenal in ten years.  It is too early to tell if that will be the outcome of the recent agreement with North Korea.

I believe though that our President is a more perceptive negotiator than he is portrayed in the media.  He and his representatives have stated repeatedly that there has to be verifiable destruction of the North’s nuclear capabilities before that country will receive the benefit of reduced sanctions.

I think Korea will become a nuclear free zone (our nukes will still be in Japan, will still be on intercontinental missiles that can reach any point on the globe, and will still be in submarines under all of the oceans).  There will also be some type of rapprochement between the two Koreas.  

A mere thirty years ago, thoughts of a unified Germany were laughable.  Today, the one Germany is the most prosperous country in Europe.  

The same can happen on the Korean Peninsula.  That could happen much quicker if the media would give our President the same respect and adulation it afforded Barack Obamma.



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