Brain Cells and Democrats

Bill Neinast

HELP WANTED!  Applicants must be qualified and experienced in creating and maintaining GoFundMe accounts.

A quarter million dollar fund is required.  When the magic $250,000 is reached, an award or reward will be offered.  The reward will be for anyone who can find a single brain cell in the head of any Democrat in the nation’s capitol.

All the news coverage from D.C. indicates that the brains of the Democrats have been replaced with a broken recording device that keeps repeating over and over, “Donald Trump is not President.  Donald Trump is not President.  He stole the election and must be removed from the White House.”

A month ago, the Democrat recorders were working erratically but a bit better than they are today.  Then it was repeating, “Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.  Not to worry, however, because Robert Mueller, that pillar of integrity, is investigating and will produce evidence of that collusion that will be the basis for impeaching Trump.  If Trump tries  to remove Mueller from his task, that will be another ground for impeachment.”

Then a bomb exploded that sent the recorder into its endless repetition cycle.  After two years and 25 million dollars worth of investigation, Mueller said there was no collusion.

That is not possible.  Mueller must have been bribed.  Now there has to be an investigation of the investigation.

Even the release of the 400+ page Mueller report with minimal required redactions did not repair the broken recording.  Now Attorney General William Barr must testify before Congress why his interpretation of the Mueller report is not exactly the same as theirs.

Where is there a brain cell that would conclude everyone’s interpretation of the Mueller report has to be identical?

There is no room on that broken recorder dominating Democrat brains for anything like the thousands of individuals illegally crossing our southern border every day.  There is no concern that very few, if any, of those rushing in for American largesse are Mexicans.

Now the flow contains men, women, and children from around the world.  There is no time to consider ways to stop that flow, how that flow is being financed, and how all the medical care, education, and other care for the millions of illegal aliens will be provided for in the already out of control budget.

Minor concerns like that will just have to wait until we can get that Donald Trump out of the White House.  Let’s start impeachment proceedings against him on evidence we know the Mueller bunch would not reveal.  Even though getting a conviction of impeachment in the Senate is obviously impossible, we have to start impeachment.

Just initiating impeachment proceedings may turn off that recording in our heads.  To give the off button a little more power, we can also start impeachment proceedings against AG Barr.  After all, according to Speaker Pelosi, he lied to Congress and his interpretation of the Mueller report is different than ours.

With antics like that, how can anyone think there is a single cell of logic in the majority of the U. S. House of Representatives?

So here’s the perspective.

Democrats in our Federal House of Representatives are acting like a two year old kid who lost his favorite toy.  The kid cannot be consoled until the toy is  found. And  the Democrats cannot be consoled until Donald Trump no longer occupies the White House.

Another applicable adage is the one about Nero fiddling while Rome burned.  There is a vicious fire along our southern border, but the Democrats just play do-over through their tears and sniffles.  They are now investigating the investigation.

Imagine what they will do if Donald Trump is reelected next year.



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