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I met Cathy as the co-owner of Art C’s.  Cathy is presently the sole owner.  She and I are both originally from Louisiana, and we’ve always been simpatico.  Cathy is a truly wonderful watercolor artist and a fun person to be around.  She has always been helpful and encouraging to me.  Cathy will soon reopen Art C’s as the sole owner.


Cathy has always loved art, but specifically remembers the day her mother introduced her to oil painting at age 10.  Little did she know this would begin her life's special journey.
Cathy studied art under Larry Casso and graduated from the Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has also studied watercolor in Houston under A. J. Schexnayder and Eldon Faries. She has taken watercolor workshops from Gerry Finch, Marci Boone, Karen Vernon, Hilary Page, Judy Morris and Cheng-Khee Chee.
Cathy has worked mostly in watercolor since 1991, but enjoys many other media. Her artwork has won numerous awards and hangs in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. She served two terms as President of the Tomball Art League from 1999 to 2001, and is a signature member of the Watercolor Art Society-Houston. She is past president of the Arts at the Lake, a nonprofit art association. Cathy is the owner of Art C's Gallery in Historic Downtown Somerville, Texas.
Cathy is also a certified Antique Reproduction Doll Artisan and has won many awards with her porcelain dolls. She taught classes in antique reproduction porcelain doll making in Humble, Texas.
Cathy feels that her art comes not only from her soul, but a much higher source. She says that sometimes art cannot be explained as to how you got to that wonderful end result...it's truly Divine Intervention!




Art C’s

17442 Hwy. 36 South

Somerville, TX  77879


979-596-ARTC (2782). The address is 17442 Hwy. 36 South, Somerville, TX  77879


Cathy is now the sole owner of Art C’s in Somerville.