Chameleon Trump

Bill Neinast

Flipping a coin will do no good.  Neither side of the coin offers a desirable choice.

On one side is the proven incompetent, inveterate liar.  On the other is a thin skinned, opinionated narcissist. 

Last week, the substantial problems that would be created but not solved by a Hillary Clinton presidency were discussed in this column.

This week, let’s look over the fence at the other choice, a Donald Trump Presidency.

Start a few months ago when, on February 22, I asked,  “Which of these words do not apply to Donald Trump?  Juvenile, bully, narcissistic, buffoon. arrogant, petulant, untrustworthy, chameleon,  aggressive, verbose, argumentative,  thin skinned, hard headed, hypocritical, vacillator, scowler?”

In some ways, the chameleon or color changing lizard persona seems to dominate?  One day he is a Democrat, the next day he’s running for President as a Republican.  One day he is undecided about supporting House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator John McCain, or Senator Kelly Ayotte, but the next day he comes out with ringing endorsements for all three.

In announcing the endorsements, however, he had to laboriously read the words of praise from a script, a rare happening for The Donald.  One has to wonder whether he was forced in some manner to make that color change or about face.

One must wonder, also, what President Chameleon Trump would do if the Prime Minister of Canada or head of any government criticized an action of President Trump.  Would he take on the colors of a true diplomat or the dark black of a Sumo wrestler. 

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton is a chameleon of similar size.  The two books about her true character written by former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris and Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne were mentioned here last week.  These characterizations were recently confirmed in a conversation with a friend.

This friend recounted a conversation he had just had with a former Army officer.  The officer talked about a conference he had attended in Afghanistan with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and several allied officers.  Clinton got mad at one of her male aides and cursed him so badly that several of the allied officers walked out of the room.

My friend did not know if that was the conference that Clinton lied about as getting out of the helicopter and running for cover under gun fire.

So Trump and Clinton are the two sides of the coin to be  flipped in November.  Whichever side lands on top is a harbinger of disaster.  Clinton will undoubtedly accelerate President Obama’s swing toward socialism, but Trump will try to swing  the country toward an oligarchy or dictatorship.

If Congress continues in its current weak, inept, inefficient practices, it will be little deterrent to either Presidential hopeful. That means the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is our only source of hope.

Unfortunately, however, SCOTUS has problems of its own.  Due primarily to the ineptness of the Senate, the court is an invalid that cannot rule on important constitutional questions because of its even split in judicial philosophy.

Whichever of the two unqualified candidates is elected in November may be able to fix this problem, but the solution may be worse than the problem.  The new President will enter office needing to fill the vacancy on SCOTUS.  During his or her first term there will probably be two, maybe three, more vacancies needing replacements.

So here’s the perspective.

If Clinton is elected, welcome to a left leaning, very liberal SCOTUS for two generations.  Sit back and watch the skids being greased for an easy slide into socialism.

If Trump is elected, who knows?  He has published a list of 11 conservative jurists he would consider for appointment to SCOTUS.   Remember, though, that this is Chameleon Trump.  He can change his colors in a blink of an eye.

Guess you will have to pick up a ballot, close your eyes, hold your nose, take a deep breath and stab a pencil at a random spot on the ballot.  

Good luck!!


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