Cheryl is a friend.  She’s provided me with insight into the world of art, provided me with a venue for my art, and has been supportive in general.  In addition to her personal qualities, she’s a fantastic world-class watercolorist.


Cheryl Wooten grew up in sunny California. Childhood play days at the beach and her Mother’s beautiful gardens were her influence for creating coastal and floral art.

In later years, a spiritual journey made her aware of the importance of connection. She feels that our actions, words, even our art can influence or be a catalyst for love and peace. Today Cheryl is drawn to paint the stories and unique attributes of people, places, and animals.

Focusing first on family, Cheryl was still able to attend six colleges, Chouinard and Glassell Art Schools and numerous workshops by a host of amazing watercolor artists including: Chen Khee-Chee, Jean Dobie, Dan Burt, Jim Kosvanec, Jan Kunz, Judy Morris and Karen Vernon.

Cheryl was a signature member of the California Gold Coast Watercolor Society and is currently a signature member of the Watercolor Art Society-Houston.  This year she was published in “Splash 11.″

Sheryl often conducts workshops.  She tries to pass on her considerable watercolor knowledge to her students enabling them to develop their own unique styles. Their successes and self-satisfaction are her goals.

She hopes you enjoy her paintings and can relate to a shared memory or feeling.

Cheryl’s Galleries:

The Gallery at Round Top

 Round Top, TX


Cheryl’s Update:

“The Art Show”

“The Dance”


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