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I’ve never met Claudia face-to-face, but I’ve communicated with her via email, and I’ve known her husband, Troy, since our time in the service together in the late 60s.  I tracked down Troy a couple of years ago using the internet.  It turns out that he’s changed into a much better person due to his potter wife.  She and he run a pottery, Ka Pottery, in Seminary, Mississippi.  There’s not much to Troy, but his wife Claudia is a wonder.


“I am inspired by the infinite beauty of the natural world, observing its offering of color, shape, and texture. ” 

Claudia Ka Cartee is a skilled potter  based in Seminary, Mississippi, where she shares her home and business, Ka Pottery, with her husband Troy.   She began life in California where her father was a pottery mold maker and her mother
was a pottery painter.  When Claudia was nine, they returned to Seminary.  As a little girl, Claudia  helped trim pieces and kept the potters work area clean.  She attributes her work ethic to her father and her inspiration for decorating pottery to her mother.

“I grew up with clay. My parents were ceramic artists throughout my youth; my affinity for clay and my path through it began early.”

Through her teenage years she developed her skills at the potter’s wheel, but at the insistence of her father, she put pottery aside to pursue a business degree in California.  After graduation, she found success in the business world but did not find satisfaction.  While she was completing a degree in art at California State University at Fullerton, she worked at a pottery part time where she met her husband Troy, who was a pottery inspector.  Shortly thereafter, she set up her own studio in California but found it was impractical because of the high cost of everything.  In 1974, she dragged Troy, a native of Kentucky,  back to Seminary, Mississippi, and her father’s land where she and Troy built their home, studio, and gallery.

“My work is a balance, an almost symbiotic relationship, between functional pottery and artwork.”  Although the primary product of her studio is functional pottery such as dinnerware sets, she finds time to produce more artistic pieces such as her River Dolls and her Japanese-inspired small pieces she calls her Tulip Series. 

Claudia has served on the Board of Directors and as president of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi. She’s also received the Honored Artist Award from the National Museum for Women in the Arts and is featured in an award winning segment of Southern Expressions on Mississippi Educational Television.




Mary C. O'Keefe Art Center, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Three Woman Show

Meridian Museum of Art, Invitational Exhibit ion

Andrew Jessup Gallery, Biloxi, Mississippi , Two Group Shows

Balstrop Gallery, Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

The Jackson Street Gallery, Ridgeland, Mississippi

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Jeff Davis Campus, One-Woman Show

Rx Gallery, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Two Woman Show

The Attic Gallery, Vicksburg, Mississippi

University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Journeys: Two Women

St. Tammany Art Association Gallery, Covington, Louisiana, Invitational

Walter Anderson Museum of Art, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Invitational

Lincoln Center f or the Arts, Fort Collins, Colorado , Two-Person Show

The “A” Gallery, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Group Show

University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art, Five-Woman Show

Arkansas Arts Center, Decorative Arts Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas

Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, North Carolina

Slidell Cultural Center, Slidell, Louisiana, Two Invitationals

Meridian Museum of Art, Meridian, Mississippi , One-Woman Show; Two-Person Show

The Ohr-O’Keef e Museum of Art, Biloxi, Mississippi, Two Inv itationals

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, Mississippi, Art Talk and Exhibit

C. W. Woods Gallery, Univ ersity of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, 1-Woman Show

Hattiesburg Public Library, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, One- Woman Exhibit

Chimneyville Crafts Gallery, Ag. & Forestry Museum, Jackson, MS, One-Woman Show

Sarah Gillespie Gallery, William Carey College, Long Beach, MS, Two- Person Show

First Street Gallery, Grenada, Mississippi

Eula Bass Lewis Art Galler y, JCJC, Ellisville, Mississippi , 1-Woman & 2-Woman Shows

Gulf Coast Junior College Gallery, Gautier, Mississippi , 1-Woman Show; 2-Woman Show

Sarah Moody Gallery of Art, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson, Mississippi , Artist Group Show

Marie Hull Gallery, Hinds Community College, Raymond, MS, 1 & 2-Woman Shows

Brenau College Gallery, Brenau University, Gainesville, Georgia

Mississippi Governor’s Mansion Revolving Arts Program

Saenger Gallery, Hattiesburg, Mississippi , Two-Woman Show

University of Florida Gallery, Gainesville, Florida

Rhino Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana Crafts Council, New Orleans, Louisiana

Roundtree Gallery, Monroe, Louisiana

Biloxi Cultural Center, Biloxi, Mississippi, Mother- Daughter Show

Lafayette Natural History Museum, Laf ayette, Louisiana


Ka Pottery


506 Shirley Sanford Road, Seminary, MS 39479



Claudia received a 2011 Artist Fellowship Grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission and completed a body of work that was shown at the Mary C. O'Keefe Arts Center in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  She is a featured artist in the new book from the Craftsmen's Guild entitled I Am A Craftsman: 40 at 40 celebrating the Guild's 40th anniversary and 40 of its exhibiting members.  She was just featured in an article in the Christmas issue of Our South Magazine.