DC’s a Logic Vacuum

Bill Neinast


The brouhaha over the wall includes a bit of humor.  Those in Washington so opposed to a wall enclosing our border do not realize that they are living within walls.

Washington, D.C., is surrounded by an invisible wall.  Anyone, regardless of gender or party affiliation, who enters through that wall is zapped with an electronic charge that nullifies his or her ability to think logically.

Some discussions of the wall are prime examples of that lack of logic.  Take, for example, the proposal that most of the appropriations for border security go for strengthening the ports of entry because “that is where most of the drugs enter the country.”  Duh!

Apply that type of thinking to this hypothetical scenario.

Assume that the Department of Public Safety, assisted by all available law enforcement personnel in the county, establish DUI checkpoints on State Highway 36 over a weekend and make nine DUI arrests that weekend.    During that same weekend only one other DUI arrest is made in the county.    

Those zapped by the wall around D.C. would probably argue that those statistics prove that 90% of intoxicated drivers travel Highway 36.    Accordingly, none of the other roads in the county are driven by drunks, and therefore do not need patrols.

Without question, a lot of drugs are found concealed in every available cavity in some vehicles entering the country at established entry points because every vehicle is searched.  Where, though, are the statistics for the mules wading, swimming, or boating across the Rio Grande with back packs holding many more drugs than could be concealed in any cavity of a vehicle?

Intercepting all the illegal drugs entering the country through those miles and miles of unguarded river would require an official stationed every 20 or 30 feet along those many miles of river 24 hours every day.  Can we afford that, or is it best just to let those immigrants with their load of drugs enter the country at will?

Now apply that logic, or the lack thereof, to the national debt which now exceeds 22 trillion dollars.

Those who pass through that logic zapping wall around D.C. simply look at that debt, click their tongues a bit, and say, “Don’t worry.  Our future generations will take care of that.  Now let’s go on and grow the budget and government a bit more.”

Instead of looking for ways to grow the deficit,  those non thinkers should be looking for ways to shrink the government.

This country was created under a philosophy of governing from the lowest level possible. State, Treasury, Justice, and Defense (then War) were the four departments established in the founding documents.  All other functions were left to the states and lower jurisdiction.

Now there are 15 departments.  How many of the 11 created since 1789 can you name without looking at the list?

Based on the plan of a limited federal government, a logical review of those 11 newbies could result in reducing the cabinet to six, maybe seven, departments.  

A Commerce Department to regulate interstate commerce, both on the ground and in the air and cyberspace is necessary.   Also, in view of the worldwide terrorist threat and drug trafficking, the newly established  Homeland Security Department is probably necessary.

Assuming that the Veterans Affair Department could be absorbed into the Department of Defense, the functions of the other departments could be relegated to the states where they should be.  

Why is there a need today for a federal energy, education, labor, interior, or agriculture department?

If the budgets for those departments were eliminated from the overall budget and if the current income stream were maintained, the national debt could be eliminated in a decade or two.  That would be the best gift possible for our children and grandchildren.

Finally, the socialists who walked through the debilitating wall surrounding D.C. have resurrected the idea of paying reparations for slavery.

There are no words available to describe the cruelty and inhumanity of slavery practiced here and throughout the world for millennia.  There is, however, not a single survivor of American slavery living today.  There might be a small number of children born to freed slaves still living, but today’s descendants of slaves would be their grandchildren or great grandchildren.

Reparations are defined as amends, restitution, redress, compensation, recompense, repayment, or atonement.

Logically, how do any of those terms apply to individuals who had no part in imposing slavery and to anyone who did not personally suffer slavery.

So here’s the perspective.

This is just a primer.  For entertainment, sit back and try to find logic in much of the stuff coming out of D.C.

Have fun.



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