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Difficult Problem: Difficult Solutions

John W. Pinkerton


If you support deleting or changing the 2nd Amendment, sit down and shut up.  We're not doing that, and you're just taking up way too much of the public space.

The problem we're trying to address is violence against innocents by deranged individuals.

Now, for those of you believe that a perfect world without any violence is possible, sit down and shut up.  You are incapable of helping.

There have always been mass murderers among us.  I doubt that are any more today than there were yesterday, but these defectives seem to have been given permission by the “regular” folks to act on their instincts.

Here are some of the ways we regulars gave these irregulars permission: it's legal to kill infants in the womb; we tolerate gratuitous violence in movies, on television, and in video games; we have become way too tolerant of
bad behavior in our schools; we elevate the lowest scum bags in our society and ignore the everyday men and women going about their daily lives; we're beginning to surrender in our fight against drugs; we have provided safety nets for food, housing, childcare,  for the weakest among us; the death penalty has become just a long wait for natural causes; Hell, we don't even want to punish those who invade our country; we act as though defiance by a city or a state to federal laws and regulations is normal; we act as though our churches are quaint institutions not to be taken seriously.  Feel free to add to this list.

So, is there a solution to keeping the “irregulars” quietly hating his or her fellow men?

Sure.  Fear.  Fear is a great motivator.  Fear makes a fellow get up in the morning and try his damndest not to screw up his or her life.

In summary, we've gone soft.

Our governmental units can do very limited preventive actions, but we can't depend on them; we must look to ourselves individually, as small groups, villages, towns, and cities to make ourselves more self-disciplined and more disciplined as a society.

If society is weak, the weakest  will rise and destroy us.  We've created a vacuum of discipline: the irregulars are filling it.  Gee, the solution might not be as simple as banning guns.