Do Democrats Have No Shame?

Bill Neinast

The answer is a resounding NO!  The question closed last week’s “In Perspective” column.  It was,” Do they [the democrats] have no shame?”

What Senator Diane Feinstein and her cohorts did to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh last week  is unconscionable. 

Dr. Ford must realize by now that she was used by the democrats.  They played her like a yo-yo.

Initially, Dr. Ford wanted to remain anonymous, but she was publicly identified by Feinstein, et al.

Feinstein denies the outing, but only she and Dr. Ford’s congressman, a Democrat, had received the original letter.  So who brought the press into the picture?

Once Dr. Ford’s accusation against Judge Kavanaugh was leaked to the press just before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote on the Judge’s nomination to the Supreme Court, she then had to tell her story on national TV.

Again, do they have no shame?

Then the Judiciary Committee’s so-called hearing just added gasoline to the fire.  What a joke.  What a sham.

This  is still a she said/he said controversy.  The way that both the witnesses were questioned at the hearing was inexplicable and inexcusable.

I have been  a prosecutor or defense counsel in many trials  and cannot understand how the senators thought they could get a coherent story from either witness.  Both of the witnesses would be questioned by a Republican senator for five minutes, then by a Democrat for five minutes, then back to the Republican side until all 19 members had five minutes to pontificate their political rhetoric.

At the end of the session, we still had a she said/he said story broken up into five minute segments with competing beliefs and strategies.

One of the more galling aspects of the hearing was the feigned shock of the Democrats that Judge Kavnaugh expressed anger in his opening statement and in some of his answers.

What do they expect from someone who believes he has been wrongly accused and had his family deeply hurt?  Did they expect a friendly smile and thanks for their insisting that his family’s pain be broadcast on national TV?

If he had remained calm throughout the hearing, they probably would have argued that his lack of anger suggested that he did not consider himself falsely accused.

Another unsettling factor is that one of the senators trying to drum Kavanaugh out of the judiciary is Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.  He is one of the senators arguing that juvenile misconduct should be a bar to assuming highest appointive offices in the United States.

This senator, who considers juvenile misconduct so disqualifying, does not consider adult misconduct in the same vein.  Blumenthal admits now that he lied about his military service while a candidate for the Senate.  He talked about his service as a Marine in Vietnam, but never set foot in that country for even part of a day.  

So, according to Blumenthal and other Democrats, juvenile misconduct is a permanent bar to high government positions but a little adult misconduct makes you uniquely qualified for very high positions.

Referring to the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh as juvenile misconduct does not mean that sexual assault is a minor offense.  In this case, however, consider what would have happened if the offense occurred as remembered by Dr.  Ford and appropriate action had been taken then.

Both Ford and Kavanaugh were teenagers.  If Ford had reported the incident to her parents and the authorities the day after it happened, Kavanaugh may have been tried in juvenile court.  If convicted, he probably would have been given a sentence appropriate for the facts not then muddied by years old memory. The record would have been sealed and eventually expunged.

Under those circumstances, the matter would have been forgiven and forgotten and maybe even Senator Feinstein and her cohorts would not try now to use it as an excuse to delay voting on a conservative appointment to the Supreme Court.

By the way, why is rehabilitation never mentioned in these Democrat rants?  Are they no longer champions of giving miscreants and criminals second chances?

So here’s the perspective.

Unfortunately, the shameful acts of Feinstein et al to drag two honorable people through the public mud is unforgivable.

If they truly believe that juvenile misconduct disqualifies one for public office, why are they not here in Texas campaigning against Beto O’Rourke, who is running as a Democrat to join them in the Senate.  As a juvenile he was accused of driving while drunk and leaving the scene of an accident.  And now he adopts the Spanish nickname of Beto to appeal to Hispanic voters.  

Senators Feinstein and Blumenthal, will you accept O’Rourke into your ranks if he is elected with such a juvenile record?

Meanwhile, we will have to wait for the FBI to instigate an incident almost 40 years ago where the date, time, and location are not known and where four of the five people alleged to have been there say they have no recollection of such an incident.

So, yes, the Democrats have no shame.      



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