Do You Want That Thing to Be President?

Bill Neinast

This is a simple trivia question.  Which of these words do not apply to Donald Trump?  Juvenile, bully, narcissistic, buffoon. arrogant, petulant, untrustworthy, chameleon,  aggressive, verbose, argumentative,  thin-skinned, hard headed, hypocritical, vacillator, scowler.

Selecting any word on the list earns a failing grade. Select two or more as not being descriptive of Trump, and you will be asked to leave the room.

Look at that face where the scowl gives a hint of a smile only when he talks about how great he is.  Listen to what he says he is going to do, but never how he will do “it.” Then ask if this person is the one you want to be the image of this great county.

Still think he may be the long lost leader?  How about two divorces, three marriages, and four bankruptcies?  Does that sound like the great deal maker he claims to be?

Ever wonder why he seems to know so little about how the government is designed to work?  Consider, for example, his repeated claims that he will build an unsurmountable wall along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it.

How?  Contractors will not work on the wall with only a promise that they will be paid somewhere down the road.  Funds to pay those contractors would have to come from specific appropriations, and only Congress can initiate appropriations.  The President cannot use funds appropriated for one purpose on a completely different function.  

Trump says he will simply withhold funds appropriated for international aid purposes and divert them to building walls. That is how he would “make” Mexico pay for the wall.  As noted, however, diverting the use of those funds is a Congressional perogative. 

Try to imagine, then, what Trump would do if he asked the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate to divert those funds and they said,  “No!”  He cannot fire or threaten those congressional leaders as he can his subordinates in Trump Industries.  That would leave him to throw one of his petulant fits and accuse the congressional leaders of all types of things or build the wall with his personal funds.  Even his personal billions, however, will not build too long a fence.

The only good news in the coverage of this juvenile style bully is that some polls indicate that about two-thirds of those polled say they would not vote for Trump under any circumstances.  Other polls consistently report that only about 30% are Trump supporters.

As nominations and elections require a minimum of 50% plus one of those voting, it appears that the chances of Republicans nominating Trump are slim at best.

Unfortunately, failing to get the Republican nomination will not remove Trump from the network news cameras.  

As he is a chameleon, he will just appear as an independent or third-party candidate.  His signature on this pledge is meaningless:

“I, Donald Trump, affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States, I will endorse the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee regardless of who it is.

“I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for President of any other party.”

He claims now that the pledge is two-edged.  According to his interpretation, the pledge includes an implied promise that the Republican Party will treat him fairly and, in his narcissistic mind, if he does not get the nomination, he was not treated fairly.

So here’s the perspective.

Trump’s cavalier treatment of his signature on a pledge establishes that every word in the first paragraph is an apt description of the man.

Do you want that thing to be President?


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