Driving Nails into Coffins

Bill Neinast


The noise you’re hear is hammering.  President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are driving nails into the lids of two coffins.

One coffin will carry the votes of a demographic group the Democrats took for granted.  The other is for the eight year foreign relations record of Obama.  This one is destined to be buried below the remains of all of Obama’s predecessors.

Jews are the demographic group in play.  Generally, Jews were considered to be among those minority groups that could be called “Yellow Dog Democrats.”

Democrat candidates need not bother to spend time and campaign efforts on Jewish communities, because they could be counted on to vote Democrat even if the candidate was a yellow dog.

When, however, Obama and Kerry threw Israel under the Palestinian and Arab bus two weeks ago, there must have been shock waves rumbling through the Jewish community.

The creation of Israel within the British mandate of Palestine in 1948 was, to some degree, a reaction to realizing the extent and horrors of the Holocaust and the refusal of Britain and others to accept boat loads of Jewish refugees.  The initial attempt was to create separate Jewish and Palestinian states.  

The borders established, however, were doomed to failure.  The map of those borders gives gerrymandering a whole new look.  Even without the Palestinian refusal to accept a state of Israel, those borders could not be sustained.

Accordingly, there have been constant tensions to adjust the borders requiring Israel to withstand repeated attacks and acts of terror.  The US stood behind and backed Israel against all these assaults until the last month of the Obama Administration.

Kerry’s 70 minute attempt to explain the sudden abandonment of Israel coupled with his unsupported and unsupportable claim that the Obama Administration had done more for Israel than any other administration was incomprehensible. 

There seems to be no understanding of the effects of Israel abandoning earlier “settlements,” Israel’s historical claims to, and needs for, the Western or Wailing Wall and Jerusalem, and its repeated offers to negotiate a two state solution.

Tie this with Obama’s and Kerry’s earlier agreement to assure Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons in ten years and the result is that Israel is the most precarious state since its creation.

This leaving of an old friend and ally hanging in the wind follows on the heels of another childish attempt to muddy the water for the incoming Trump administration.

After years of Russia hacking into various computer systems in the country, including probably the totally unsecured system of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Obama decides to sanction Russia for the relatively minor hacking of various Democratic National Committee (DNC) executives.  He does this months after the hacking was discovered, but just weeks before Trump is inaugurated as his successor.  Why now?

Russia was allowed to annex the Crimea, invade Ukraine, ally with Iran and Turkey to replace the US. in Iraq and Syria, and hack into computers all over the place.  All this after Obama tells Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (the predecessor of Vladimir Putin) that he would have more flexibility after the November 2012 election to deal with contentious issues such as missile defense.

Russia was allowed to do what it liked and Israel was encouraged to do what it thought necessary to defend itself until the Democrat party was embarrassed.  Once enough voters walked to the polls and installed Republican majorities in Washington, D.C., and two-thirds of the states, Obama decides he will make it as hard as possible for his successor to give the voters what they want. 

So here’s the perspective.

Democrats have been looking in the mirror and asking, “What happened?”  They do not like what the mirror is answering.  

The reflection was President Obama campaigning  for Hillary Clinton with a slogan of “Let’s continue my legacy,”  emailing leaks of a dishonest DNC, and taking their traditional groups—minorities, blue collar workers, Jews, etc.—for granted.  

These truths are hard to accept, so the decision is made to ignore them and blame someone and something else.

The fall guys chosen are Israel,  Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  Their punishment will be to find waters so rough and muddied that it will be hard to negotiate.

Whether flowers and memorials will be provided as Obama and Kerry lower the coffins they are sealing into their final resting place, and who sends flowers and memorials, will be interesting.


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