Election Fraud Nothing New

Bill Neinast


Which foot the shoe is on does matter.  For the last four years, the shoe was on the left foot.  The socialist/democrats were hollering daily that the fit was too tight, that Donald Trump was not legally President.  Contrary to all the evidence developed by numerous committees, the S/Ds claimed that Trump had been put into office by Russian interference.

Now the shoe is on the right foot. And here we go again.  There is wailing and screaming that the fit is too tight.  Joe Biden is not President-elect because  the election was rigged or fraudulent.  Let’s get the courts to intervene and overturn the results like we did 20 years ago when the Supreme Court declared George W. Bush the winner.

Unfortunately, our President and his loyal followers are grasping at straws that are weaker than those grabbed by Pelosi and Schumer.

Were there shenanigans, manipulation, and down right fraud in some the election boxes on November 3?  Sure, you can bet there were, just as there have been ever since the nation was founded.  The only truly honest election you may find is one for the dog catcher in Crossroads, U.S.A.

One of the most blatant cases occurred right here in Texas 72 years ago.  That was the Democrat primary run off election between former Governor Coke Stevenson and U.S. Representative Lyndon B.  Johnson for the U. S. Senate.  On the final count, Stevenson won by 87 votes.

Johnson demanded a recount and surprise, surprise an uncounted box was “found” in Precinct 13 of Duval County.  Those “found” ballots switched the lead to Johnson by several hundred votes.  Oddly, when a U.S. district court ordered an investigation, the “found” box was lost again.

Then Johnson crony Abe Fortas intervened and persuaded a U.S. Supreme Court justice to intervene and overturn the ongoing investigation.  Fortas was later rewarded by LBJ with an appointment to the Supreme Court.

More local and recent was my own foray into politics.  In the early 80s, I was among the first Republicans to run for a local office in decades.  Several  Democrats visited local nursing homes and “helped” the residents apply for absentee ballots.  When the ballots were received, there was “help” for the residents to vote them.  

There is no need to wonder about how many Republican votes came out of those homes.  

Similarly, in one home of an elderly lady that  I visited, the only question was, “Are you a Democrat or Republican?” When I answered, “Republican,” the reply was, “I cannot vote for you.” 

Could that lady possibly have gotten “advice” from someone or group?

There are obviously shenanigans, unethical conducts, and, in some cases, actual fraud in elections at every level.   Such conduct becomes critically relevant, however, only in those races where there are very narrow margins like in the LBJ-Stevenson and Bush-Gore races.

That is not the case in the current Presidential race.   Biden leads Trump by 63,192 votes in Pennsylvania, 13,016 in Arizona, 9,676 in New Mexico, 23,946 in Wisconsin, and similar thousand vote margins in other states he carried.  

Realistically, having recounts in those states and finding illegal votes or counts in the tens of thousands in each case  is impossible. Throwing out entire boxes, precincts, or counties because they were found to have a few illegal ballots would effectively disenfranchise all the legal voters in those particular venues.

So here’s the perspective.

The election is over.  Although all the state votes have not been certified and the Electoral College will not meet for several more weeks, it appears that Joe Biden will be our next President.

It is time for Donald Trump to quit acting like a petulant little boy and act like most kids are instructed to expect and accept losses the way they accept wins.

Do not bet on that happening here.     



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