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Enjoyed the Gun Talk

Bob Hurt


Have you seen any of the Israeli pistol training (or modified IMD) videos?  If so, what do you think of the style? They raise their arms with elbows out to the side and hands near the cheeks, then rack a round, point, and shoot.  I guess they tend to use the IMI pistol patterned after the CZ75, so they carry it around without a round chambered.  But they draw, rack, point, and shoot so fast in one fluid 1-2-3 motion that it looks impressive.

Have you read where the FBI, after 30 years of .40 S&W, has decided to return to 9mm exclusively, and wants to encourage the military to do the same?  I guess they like the new hotter +p cartridges, and the exotic new types of bullets that create much larger wound channels. They say the 9mm gets as good a penetration into a human body as the other calibers, and it's cheap and plentiful.  But I remember their choice of the 10mm that led to the .40 S&W back in the 80's.  They wanted to be able to shoot through windshields and door panels of cars.  I believe even the newer 9mm rounds will not do much better at that than they used to.  So I guess they'll have to call in the rifle squad if they want to penetrate car doors.

I understand that the Seals and several other SOCOM groups still love that Sig Sauer P226 for their choice of 9mm.  It now has a picatinny accessory rail under the barrel.

But they have also selected the HK Mk 23 (LONG barrel 45 with silencer and LED) and the HK45C tactical (also available with silencer).  I imagine they use the +p cartridges for that pistol to give greater stopping power.  But I question whether they carry only hardball ammo, or whether they flout the Geneva convention and use JHP, frangibles, incendiaries, etc.

I talked to a former special forces sniper who lives locally. I think he carries a Glock 19 at the small of his back under his shirt.He told me he carries the Ruger SR9C strapped to his leg under his trousers just above his ankle.  He says it has a fabulous trigger.    Hickok45 loves that trigger too.  It comes with 10 round and 17 round mags.

I imagine the military guys favor the hammer-fired pistols because of the ease in cocking and visual feedback.  But I wonder if they will ever migrate to striker-fired pistols.  What do you think?

As for the Strike One, the Russians are not dumb bunnies.  They have made a well-designed striker-fired pistol that fires fast with little muzzle jump.  In due course they'll make compact versions, but I like the 5" barrel because of the added velocity it gives the bullet, and the better sight radius.  Distance between the bore axis and upper grip is the least of all pistols.  

Oh, well, as many have said, all that is nice but "will you carry it."  The only pistol that saves your ass is the one you have with you, and if it's too bulky, unweildy, etc., many people won't have it with them when they need it.  I cannot imagine stuffing a 1911 in my pants, but I could pack a PPS in my back pocket and it would take barely more space than the wallet in my other back pocket.

I might carry a single-stack Ruger LC9S (video shows where trigger breaks) in my boot if I wore boots.  It has a great trigger, according to the experts. 

I still can't help yearning for a Sig Sauer P320 AND an HK VP9. Here’s the eminently shootable P320:

 That P320 is a great system because "the trigger is the gun" and you buy parts to go around it if you want a different caliber or features.

The VP9 has an irresistible trigger, partly because H&K perfected it when developing the MK 23 for the government, which descended to the USP, and finally in the HK45 andVP9, both absolutely magnificent pistols.


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The Israeli Instinctive Combat Shooting Method: AGI 301

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Modified Israeli Mossad Draw (MOD-IMD)

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Ruger SR9c

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Ruger LC9s

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HK VP9 vs Sig P320

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SIG P320

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