Enough Already

Bill Neinast


Give credit where credit is due, so give credit to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Each of them has contributed to what may be the largest voter turnout in our history,

The long lines at both voter registration offices and polling places are unprecedented.  Some trudged to the polls to vote specifically for either Trump or Clinton.  Others, however, raced there to vote specifically against Trump or Hillary.

There is no way to know whether the Republican Party or the Democratic Party gained the most new voters or which party lost the most members.  The number already lining up to vote, however, indicate some major shifts in both parties.

As an example, an old family friend’s leaving the Republican Party was covered on CNN, MSNBC, and the Huffington Post.  Judge Lauren Parish of the 115th District Court in  Upshur and Marion Counties stated:

“It is with a heavy heart  that I have watched as the Republican nominee for President has made a mockery of our country and our citizenry.  I have watched in horror as he has disavowed our military heroes, made fun of the disabled, divided our country along racial, religious and gender lines, mocked the Judicial branch of government, expounded untruth after untruth, promoted violence and disrespect, boasted of sexual assaults against women,  made vitriol the platform of his campaign and most recently, attacked the very bedrock of our democratic process.  In  short, my Christian and family values and my core beliefs have been disenfranchised by my Party's nominee for President.

“Therefore, after much thought and deliberation I have come to the decision that it would violate my conscience to continue to be a member of the Republican party.

“Sadly, I have watched as this same level of incivility and acrimony has filtered into even our local politics.  Quite frankly, I can no longer be affiliated with a party that could tolerate such antagonism and hatred.  I can no longer sit idly by while this abhorrent disease continues to infect what was once a respectable and honorable political party of the past.  The Grand Old Party of Lincoln no longer exists today.

“I was brought up to respect my fellow man and to respect authority, to love my neighbor, to help those who cannot help themselves, and to help build people up, not tear people down.

“While the office of ‘Judge’ is not a partisan office and politics do not enter into a Judge's decision  in any case, it is still an elected office.  As a result a judicial candidate must file with a political party in order to be placed on the ballot.  

“I announce today that the current national Republican party has abandoned all the principles instilled in me by my parents, my church, and my community.  As a result, I can no longer tolerate being affiliated with the current  Republican party.


“I see no way of reconciling my Christian beliefs with the manner in which the national Republican party is conducting itself.   As of today, I am resigning my affiliation with the Republican party.

“I know that there will be some who will attack me for standing up for what I believe.  To you, I can only say that  the principles that have been taught to me by my parents and my faith are more important than any political party loyalty.  I had rather stand on my Christian faith and beliefs than take the low ground just to ‘go along and get along.’  My values and beliefs are more important to me than popularity.  I will not sacrifice  what I know to be right just to avoid criticism and  attacks.

“I will continue to work hard for the citizens of Upshur and Marion Counties and do my job independent of any political persuasion, just as I always have.”

There is evidence that many members have left and are leaving the GOP for the same or similar reasons given by Parish.  There are also indications that the Democrat Party is shedding members for similar, but different reasons.

Whether the holes left by those defections will be filled by the new voters who clogged the registration lines is a question that only time will answer.  If they do become active and lasting party members, they will change the parties to the beliefs and practices that brought them to the polls this year.

So here’s the perspective.

On November 9, Republican and Democrat leaders will have to begin a serious audit of their beliefs  and practices.  Do they want to continue to wear the mantles put on them by Trump and Clinton or do they want to return to policies based on principle.

I, for one, hope that the Republican Party will reject those practices and beliefs that forced Judge Parish to proclaim, “Enough, already.”  Let’s get back to being the Grand Old Party of limited government based on the 10th Amendment.


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