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I met Etta Grace Hulme years ago at a Somerville PTA meeting.  She did a presentation at the meeting talking about and showing how she creates her cartoons.  I won a Yegua (local mascot) cartoon that she did for an auction which hangs in my studio even today.  I met her again at Art C’s Gallery where she displayed her works.  For a little girl from Somerville, whe has done pretty well for herself.

Etta Grace Hulme passed away July 25, 2014 at the age of 90.  She was a great lady; she will be missed.


Etta Grace was born in 1923 in Somerville.  She still maintains her family home here.  She grew up to become an editorial cartoonist. Her syndicated cartoons have appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram since 1972. She won the National Cartoonist Society Editorial Cartoon Award for
1981 and 1998.    
Etta Hulme has been the editorial cartoonist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for more than 30 years. Her status as one of the very few women, and one of the earliest, in her profession.  Etta Grace went to UT to earn a degree in Fine Art.  From Austin she went to Disney’s animation studio for a couple of years.  She returned to Texas as a commercial artist in Dallas and Midland and taught at a San Antonio art school.  Then she went off to Chicago to
draw the Red Rabbit comic book.  In the 50’s, she moved back to Texas as a freelance editorial cartoonist for the Texas Observer.  In 1972 the Fort Worth Star-Telegram made her a full-time editorial cartoonist.

Etta Grace was the first woman to win the National Cartoonist Society Editorial Cartoon Award in 1981, and she won it again in 1998.  She was President of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonist in ’87. 

Etta Grace appears in the documentary Political Cartoons in the 1990s and in the The Trailblazer: The Editorial Cartoons of Etta Hulme (See “Etta’s Update.”).  A collection of her cartoons appear under the title The Best of Etta Hulme and in many of the Best Editorial Cartoons of Year. 

Etta’s Update:

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Excerpt from “Trailblazer: the Editorial Cartoons of Etta Hulme”