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February Art News

Coleen Bradfield is providing our spacer/divider this month.  Thanks, Coleen.

Here I go breaking one of my rules again---this time for Greta Watkins.  I don’t include artists on this site unless they agree to have a page on Old Art Guy.  Greta doesn’t have a page, but, she’s Greta.  
Greta is having a show at the Village Cafe (Gallery 997) beginning Thursday, February 20 (Third Thursday, Art Step) at 6 P.M. 
 Greta has a show about as frequently as Hailey’s Comet passes by the earth.  Don’t miss it.

Heidi Pitre is participating in Southern Peculiar at Central Texas College which will continue through April 17.

Charles Wallace will be have a show at Cultivate7Twelve Gallery with the show opening March  6 in Waco.

Karen Vernon and Ken Muenzenmayer recently announced the closure of The Gallery at Round Top.
“2020 has brought on a huge change for all of us.  Three weeks agos we were notified that Bybee Square is selling and all of the  shops on the square are losing our leases in May.  We will be closing out all of our inventory.  We will begin gradually with items we own and then, with those that wish to participate, we move into consigned works.  This will be done during Antique Fair.   Of course, all of the people trying to get a deal will be shopping the sales.   If you wish to have us mark your pieces down 20% as part of our close out please let us know.
We will remain open through the Antique Fair and begin to move out soon after.
We are releasing you from your contracts and would like to invite you to participate in ArtWalk in Fayetteville to be held May 2nd and 3rd.  The deadline for entry January 17th.  Here is the link to apply.  https://form.jotform.com/90015951516150  The entertainment this year the MS150 is coming through on Saturday and the crowds will be filling the town.
I am the Executive Director at ARTS and will be reaching out to some of you to offer shows in the Ross Gallery located on the ARTS campus in Fayetteville.
Life changes and ever evolves.  We have enjoyed having your work and wish you the best.

Karen Vernon”

Jill Pankey is  a contender for the Healing Power of Art 2020 exhibition in Manhattan, NY. Congrats to Jill for her art work "Some Gotta Dance."
See “The Art of Jill and Bob Pankey.”

John Grant’s “College Station Artist Forum” is a website where Central Texas artists can contribute their art and art-related information.  Thanks, John.


Hailey Herrera’s show at the SEAD Gallery continues through February 19.

Clover Cochran is maintaining a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ArtsAtTheLake/) on behalf of the Arts at the Lake.

Robin Avery is conducting a beginning watercolor class at the Watercolor Art Society of Houston Tuesday mornings in February.  There will be a follow- up class in April.

Monica Pate is having a show, Exploring Light and Color, at the Arts Council in College Station, Texas. The reception was January 30  and will continue through April 11.

I must plug my own stuff:  don’t forget that you’re welcome to visit our home to view my stacks of paintings (785 Memory Lane, Somerville, Texas/9795961856/oldjwpinkerton@gmail. com).  You don’t have to spend money to visit...but it wouldn’t hurt.

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