Flabbergasted Democrats

Bill Neinast


Flabbergasted and hilarious are the words of the week.

The first flabbergast (if there is such a noun) was when a successful businessman with no political experience wiped the slate clean of 15 experienced politicians in last year’s Republican presidential primaries.

Second was when that unseasoned politician buried the unstoppable, unsinkable Ma Clinton in the Electoral College votes for President.

Coming in third were the jaws dropping when the new President Elect began assembling a cabinet of businessmen and a few politicians based on qualifications instead of the amount of contributions they had made to the presidential campaign.

The fourth flabbergast was when it became apparent that a non politician can manage the business of government as well or better than a politician who has lived on the government dole for years.

Another flabbergast is the apparent switch of party allegiance by labor unions.  

First on this scene was the U.S. Border Patrol agents' union backing Trump's candidacy. This was followed by the TV appearance of Brandon Judd, the head of the union, praising the President’s early executive actions on the matter.  

Then President Trump invited a dozen leaders of construction and building trade unions to the White House. They were not timid in their admiration of his inauguration address.

The final flabbergast so far was the “women’s march” in protest of the anti feminist Trump administration.  The protestors seem oblivious to the fact that the third most powerful individual currently in the White House is Kellyanne Conway, and Trump’s daughter is managing most of his business empire.

The hilarious part of this story is the Democrat Party’s reaction to being so flabbergasted. There seems to be a total lack of understanding of what hit them.

They are still harping on the theme that Trump is not a legitimate President because of alleged Russian interference.  They seem oblivious to the facts that Trump eliminated 15 primary opponents without Russian help, that two Chairs of the Democratic National Committee had to resign because of inappropriate, if not illegal, activity in behalf of Ma Clinton’s campaign, and that 2/3 of the states are now under Republican control.

The Democrat leadership also seems oblivious to the strong opposition within the party to Ma Clinton, their chosen leader.  This was exhibited by the younger generations falling out in support of socialist Bernie Sander’s campaign for the presidential nomination.  

That change in attitude and loyalties also appears in the rumored growth of a Tea Party type movement within the Democrat Party outside of D.C.

One definition of flabbergasted is to be struck dumb.  That seems to be a good definition of what happened to the Democrat Party leadership in the last three months.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is not the only entity that is being struck dumb by the Trump Presidency.  Most of the liberal media is following right along 

Reporters are acting as flabbergasted as the Democrat representatives and senators in reacting to every action of the new President. 

So here’s the perspective.

Being flabbergasted or dumbfounded frequently lead to bad decisions.  That is certainly the case today with the Democrat party leaders.

They still do not know what hit them and are trying to blame everyone and everything except themselves for losing supporters everywhere except Hollywood.

Although their reaction to the loss of support is hilarious, it does have a positive side.  A path may be being paved away from class warfare, the denigration of law enforcement personnel, and deteriorating race relations. 

Let’s hope so.


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