Four on One

Bill Neinast

This is not a fair fight.  Our President has four opponents in his bid for re-election.

His opponents, in the order of least threatening to most threatening, are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the media, and his own mouth and fingers.

Aggravating that mouth and fingers is his apparent belief that he is, without challenge or even close competition, the most brilliant individual alive.  Challenge his beliefs or position on any issue, and you are toast on his Twitter griddle.

A prime example is that debacle or debate between him and Joe Biden several weeks ago.  Had Trump confined himself to the allotted times and let Biden have the balance of the time, Biden probably would have hung himself with statements like the time he said he is running for the Senate.

Unfortunately, Trump will not allow anyone to be a spokesperson for him.  This is particularly true in his refusal to let his record be his primary speaker.  

Fifty years hence, when historians apply the idiom of judging a person by what he does, not what he says, Donald Trump may be regarded as one of our best Presidents.  Accordingly, our President could eliminate his heaviest opponent by allowing his record without bombastic embellishments to be his primary spokesperson in the race.

Then there is the media.  There is no question that most of the media is rabidly anti Trump.  The best evidence of that surfaced this week.  

What part of the media, other than FOX News, even mentioned the emerging evidence of the Biden family becoming multi millionaires through Joe Biden’s position in the White House?  Twitter and Facebook even banned any mention of that scandal on their platforms.

George Stephanopoulos did not even mention it in his soft ball questioning of Biden in the so-called Town Hall Meeting with him on  ABC Tuesday night.

The media also picks and chooses when covering our President, choosing only the most unflattering part of a Trump story to cover. 

 A good example is the coverage of the proposal that, because of Trump’s COVID-19 infection, the second presidential debate should be virtual.  For some time the media reported that the petulant Trump refused to participate because this would allow an operator to turn his mike off and deprive him of some of his air time.  

The coverage of this episode finally ended with a brief note about Trump’s real reason for not participating virtually.  That reason was that procedure would allow Biden to be sitting in front of an array of teleprompters on which his assistants could provide answers to all the questions.  

If you think that would not happen, think back to that TV interview in which Biden had to signal his assistants to move the teleprompter closer to his desk.

It is media coverage like this that Trump uses as justification for his angry, juvenile responses on Twitter.  If he could be presidential and let the criticism and false reports roll off his back like most politicians, his record would be his spokesperson.

Among his other opponents, Kamala Harris is his most formidable.  She is smart and articulate.  She is also considered the most liberal of the 100   Senators, even to the left of Bernie Sanders.  

That left leaning socialism of the person who would, in all likelihood, become President within a year of Biden’s inauguration, should be the primary focus of the Trump campaign.

Finally, there is Joe Biden, who should be the least of Trump’s opponents.  If Trump could just control his mouth in any debate with Biden, his opponent would probably hang himself several times in the hour and a half debate.

How can anyone watch Biden when he is let loose without a teleprompter think, “That man would be a good, strong President!”?

So here’s the precedent.

Donald Trump’s presidency is remarkable.  He established the most productive economy in the world in history.  He put more money in the pockets of every working American with tax cuts for everyone, not just for the wealthy as alleged by Biden and others.  He required other countries to start being more responsible for their own security.  He eliminated and replaced international treaties that were unfair to the U.S. such as NAFTA and the Uranian Nuclear deal that gave Iran a planeload of American dollars to extend Iran’s growth as a super power.  He reduced illegal immigration to a trickle.  He is slowly withdrawing American service personnel from all live combat zones.  He unleashed American businesses by repealing reams of federal regulations and is effectively returning some U.S. businesses to our shores.

Do you want to replace that with the socialism of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?           



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