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Give Me a Damned Break

John W. Pinkerton


The other evening, I was watching Charlie Rose.  The subject for the evening was the terrorist attacks in Paris.  One of the guests was a French philosopher and author, Bernard-Henri Levy.

In reference to President Obama's tepid response to the Paris terrorist attack,  he began to shake his head and wonder aloud where had our President gone.  He stated how he once saw such hope with our President in his first days in office.

I began to laugh.  The President is in the same place he's always been.  He hasn't gone anywhere.  Mr. Levy saw in our President what he wanted to see.  Now that his ox has been gored, he is wondering what has changed about our President.  Please!

I must confess that I've never voted for President Obama.  The first time because I didn't know who he was.  The second time because I did.

Being a community organizer hardly seemed like a great background for a President.  Being from Chicago, home of the “Chicago way,” didn't seem like a great garden for growing a President.

I've never been one to blame Obama for the errors of his ways.  He is what he is: an ivory tower liberal who honestly believes that his view of the world is the only viable view.

It is a view which embraces big government with big government give-away programs regardless of how much it costs our nation, no matter how much it drives us into debt.

Domestic affairs are easier to wrestle with than foreign affairs.  Politicians can be bribed, cojoled, and intimidated on domestic matters.  Foreign governments have their own interests.  They could care less what our President thinks
particularly when he draws lines and allows our enemies to cross them, particularly when world leaders, even our allies, have determined that the use of military force in a meaningful way is beyond his comprehension.

I had another laugh when Russia invaded Ukraine, and Secretary of State Kerry and President Obama seemed shocked by the invasion and expressed dismay and disbelief that any nation would act in such a barbaric manner in the Twenty-first Century.  Give me a damned break.  There is a good example of ivory tower thinking.  We are the same aggressive human beings acting in our own interests now as we were when we first emerged to stand upright on our legs.

People often tell me how brilliant the mind of Obama is.  I don't see it.  An intelligent person looks at the world around him and adapts to its realities.  Our President sticks with his beliefs which he absorbed in his early days which include the idea that the United States is a horrible, imperialistic state which does not deserve its prosperity.

He is welcome to hold those views; however, the real shame of our nation is that we elected this man not once but twice, and we may elect a candidate in the near future who would not be much different.

How did this happen?  Several years ago after  OJ Simpson was found innocent of murdering his wife and a friend of his wife, I saw an interview with one of the jurors.  He was a nice young fellow.  I'm sure he saw himself as a good person.  OJ seemed like a nice person to him.  He just couldn't believe that he would commit such a horrible crime.

People who elected Obama, twice, are undoubtedly nice people.  They just can't imagine that Obama, a nice young fellow, would not act in the best interest of the country.

Perhaps I was not raised well.  I don't care how damned nice you are if you're President of the United States.  I'll save my praise for niceness for Walmart greeters.

We can not blame Obama for being Obama: he is who he is.  We, free men and women, can blame ourselves for electing him---twice!

I suggest we begin to disregard niceness  or having “superstar” qualities which is the way I heard a young woman describe Obama.

I must express it once more: give me a damned break.