Good News, Bad News

Bill Neinast

There is some good news today and some bad.

Most people want the good news first, so that will be the first off the press.

The good news is that there are almost 17 months before the national elections next year.  That should be enough time for a majority of voters to realize that neither of the leaders in the polls among Republican and Democrat candidates for President is qualified to lead the nation.

The kindest possible description of Donald Trump is that he is an extremely bigoted, obnoxious, egomaniacal buffoon.  He should not object to that description, as that is the type of invective he hurls at anyone who dares to disagree with “The Donald.”

He shouts what he thinks is wrong with the country--immigration, the economy, and international relations.  But has anyone heard a word about his ideas or plans for fixing any of the problems?

Even if he surrounded himself with the most experienced and knowledgeable advisors and assistants available.  He would not follow their advice.  He would, instead, tell them what to think, and if any dared to disagree, he would growl, “You’r fired.”

Then on the other side we have Hillary Clinton. 

The kindest possible description of her is that she is an extremely obnoxious, egomaniacal, inveterate liar.

Remember her cattle futures caper where she turned $1,000.00 into $10,000.00 in ten months?  How about Vince Foster?  Remember him?  Then there were those “lost” billing records that somehow turned up in her rooms in the White House. 

All of this was before the current daily drip, drip, drip of Benghazi and classified material on private Email servers.

Inveterate is defined as having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change.

With the severely abbreviated list of lies mentioned here, is there any question that Hillary Clinton is an inveterate liar?  Could she be trusted as the President of this country?

Now for the bad news.  There are almost 17 months before the national elections next year.  This means that this long season of campaigning will see billions of dollars, instead of the millions of a normal campaign, flushed down the toilet of politics.

There are many better ways to spend those millions.

So here’s the perspective.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have one thing in common.  The sole interest for each is his or her own self-aggrandizement.   They are interested in the White House primarily as a nice addition to their resumes.

Unbelievably,  they are leading the polls in their respective parties.  That is a real concern.  If such large numbers of voters cannot recognize the real Trump and Clinton, a bleak future for the county is forecast.

If those two wind up with the nominations for President, I will take a deep breath, hold my nose, barf a bit and vote for Trump.  The only reason I would force myself into that vote is the importance of a rarely mentioned event that will occur during the next presidency.

The next President will have the opportunity to appoint at least two justices of the Supreme Court.  Those appointments will affect the liberal/conservative balance of the court for many years in the future.

Keep that in the back of your mind when you contemplate the national elections.  That election will have consequences in the legal landscape for many more years than just the four of a presidential term.

That is why the next 17 months are both the good news and the bad.   


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