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I first saw Greg’s work at The Gallery at Round Top.  I was impressed and felt compelled to ask him to be one of the artists on oldartguy.com.  Thank the Lord, he agreed.


Greg Budwine was born in Houston, Texas in 1963. He studied painting at the Glassell School of Art MFAH in Houston. Much of his training in drawing and painting came from his father who worked as a commercial illustrator for over 40 years. His background includes book illustration, mural painting, and fine art. He has  been commissioned to do numerous art projects for private residences throughout Central and Eastern Texas.  

“Living near a large city, my contact with nature is limited. I do not regularly encounter beautiful open vistas of land. So I have learned to be more attentive to the beauty and mystery of smaller occurrences; such as patterns of color and shadows, or how sunlight rakes across a surface. These incidents act on my imagination as visual epiphanies, momentarily taking me outside of my immediate surroundings. It is the essence of such moments that stay with me and that I try to capture in my paintings. Although I work in a style that renders the subject matter of each picture immediately recognizable, my primary interest is the surface and overall mood of each painting. My objective is that each be imbued with a sense of presence and feeling.”




The Gallery at Round Top

 Round Top, TX


Greg’s Workshops

Greg’s Updates:  


10:30 AM, Navasota

Domino Display


East Texas Relic


At the Still Point of the Turning World