Hang Those Deniers

John W. Pinkerton


Doesn't anyone care about our freedom of expression anymore…you know…freedom of speech?  I guess not.  In a world in which the truth doesn't seem to matter much, I guess freedom of expression is just old hat.

You know, if I were a liberal, I think I'd be a little upset with the Obama administration…they're really making you look bad.

I'll just give you one small example.  The President has asked the Department of Justice  whether or not it is possible to prosecute climate change deniers.

“Well, your Honor, my position is that 'climate change' is not manmade if it exists at all.  Guilty as charged.”

Folks seem to have taken positions on “global warming”---excuse me, “climate change” without much valid information.  The original bunch of “scientists” who came up with the data indicating that the Earth is warming were found to be “liar liar pants on fire” liars.  Their sloppy protection of their emails told me all I needed to know about “global warming.”  The other event that made me doubt the validity of global warming warnings was the President's desire to institute a tax on carbon use.  We all know he's “liar liar pants on fire” liar.

Now I'm not saying that the globe may not be warming up.  It does that…all on its own.  It also cools off…all on its own.  That's history.

I guess the big difference between those who have jumped on the “climate change” bandwagon and me is that I'm not looking for a heroic role in saving the world.  Liberals, I've noticed, are always trying to save the world...bless their hearts.

No, I'm not indifferent to the fate of the Earth.  I just choose to look around me for evidence.  Looking out my window now I see a sunny afternoon which was preceded by a rainy morning…a change but not “climate change.”

It seems to be really popular now to profess a belief in “climate change.”  Folks can sit around cocktail parties and nod their heads in agreement that it's a shame that man is destroying the world…poor, poor world. By the way, whatever happened to “global warming.”  I think our hard winters put that phrase away.  Now every tornado, every hurricane, every rainstorm, every snow, every time the weather changes, proponents of “climate change” claim that's new evidence  for their position.

Let's gain a little perspective.  If you're a “climate change” advocate, find yourself a member of the “Greatest Generation” and broach the subject with him or her.  You should, however, prepare to have your ass whipped.  That generation considers the Dust Bowl a problem: I suspect they wouldn’t exactly  consider “climate change” in the same light.

I guess my problem is that I don't think as highly of Man as some “climate change” folks do.  I have a
hard time believing that we poor humans have the capacity to change the climate of the globe.  Three-quarters of the world is composed of oceans and seas.  We're really not involved with the Artic or Antartic…Hell, we're really not making much of a mark on West Texas.

So I guess it's off to jail for me: John Pinkerton, Climate Change Denier.

By the way, if you want to look at some facts related to “climate change,” go to http://climatechange.procon.org/ where you will find a balanced view on the subject.


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