Hard Decisions

Bill Neinast


Those are hard decisions.  Currently, they must be made when one becomes 21 years old because that is the recognized age of maturity.  That benchmark, however, may be moved back to 18 because humans seem to be maturing faster.

Whatever the age of maturity may be, when one reaches that age he or she must  decide.  Is he white, black, or yellow?  Is she a blonde or brunette, or maybe auburn haired?  Is he an athlete or a scholar?  Will it be normal sanity or psychosis? What gender will it be--male, female, or trans-gender?  What sexual orientation should be chosen--heterosexual, homosexual, or bi-sexual?

These, of course, are very facetious, satirical statements designed to get the attention of those locked in the antique belief that all behavior is chosen and learned. 

Unfortunately, some--actually way too many--think there is something wrong or perverse for anyone to think or act differently than they do.   They can accept that  humans are born with different skin and hair colors and as either female or male.  They cannot accept, however, that any deviation from those norms is natural.

These moss backs can accept humans born with deformed or missing limbs, with Down syndrome, or even twins joined at the hip or other parts of the body. They believe, however, that there is no way for anyone to be born with a sexual preference other than heterosexual or with a gender preference other than what the doctor or mid wife entered on his/her birth certificate.

These closed thinkers were fortunate enough to have been born as heterosexuals with the anatomy and matching psyche of either a male or female.  In their minds, it is impossible for any human to be born with a different physical and mental makeup.  Anyone claiming they are different is just making it up. 

The height of this madness is apparent in  the hysterical rants that requiring transgender rest rooms in schools is a diabolical plot to let boys claim to be transgender so they can enter girls’ restrooms with rape on their little minds.

Get real!  Any male interested in rape can find many better and more private places for his endeavors than public rest rooms.  If he enters a rest room reserved for females to “grab a peek,”  all he will see are fully glad females standing at lavatories or shoes and ankles under stall doors.

And why is there concern only about transgender males entering female restrooms?  This physical/mental condition cuts both ways.

There are probably as many individuals with “female” on their birth certificates who consider themselves male as vice versa.  Will they want to enter male restrooms just to seduce the cute boys inside?

So here’s the perspective.

We are all born different.  The differences go deeper than skin and hair color.  

What is imprinted in our genetic makeup at birth cannot be changed later.  The physical body might be altered by surgery, but the psychological makeup like sexual orientation is generally beyond change.

Here, for example, is a personal experience from the days when homosexuals were expected to “stay in the closet.”  

At Fort Hood, I had to work closely with the District Attorney of Bell County.  He was a very capable prosecutor and I met his lovely wife.  One day, he surprised us by announcing that he was resigning as DA, getting a divorce, and moving to Houston where he could live openly as a homosexual.

I have heard of other men and women who marry a member of the other sex just to please their families or are too frightened of societal condemnation to admit their true feelings but who now have the relief of being able to be who they really are.

And do not forget that icon Bruce Jenner. He first made headlines when he won the decathlon gold medal at the 1976 Olympic Games.  Now he is making headlines for his dramatic transformation into Caitlyn Jenner.

There is also a growing list of well known individuals undergoing medical procedures to have their physical bodies conform to their mental sexual orientation.

With those facts, it is difficult for a rational person to believe that the Bruce Jenners of the world want to enter female restrooms for sex.

Let’s let everyone be comfortable in their own image.  


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