Have Faith in Capitalism

Bill Neinast


Where were they educated?  Where do they get their daily news?

They are the 23 socialist buying votes to become the Democrat nominee for president next year.

A common thread running through each  campaign is that economic freedom or capitalism is unfair.  They preach that capitalism results in an unfair distribution of the nation’s capital with widely disparate income.

They never define fair.  One thing, however, is clear. Some being millionaires while others work for minimum wage is fair.  That is acceptable because so many of them, including Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, are millionaires.

That means unfairness must not kick in until an entrepreneur or brilliant inventor passes the billionaire mark.

Instead of fanning the flames of greed and envy, why do the vote seekers not look at how those billionaires became billionaires.

They could consider Dr. Ben Carson as an example.  Although Caron is not a billionaire, he rose from the slums where he was reared by a loving but illiterate mother to become a renowned surgeon.  He now serves as Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department.

How could that happen in such an unfair economic system?

Now there is a proposal to guarantee a minimum income for every citizen.  According to the Washington Post, “Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has released a plan to spend trillions of federal dollars on direct cash subsidies to working class and poor Americans, including the unemployed and those with no earnings.

“Tlaib’s bill would give direct cash help to those at the bottom of the income distribution — annually offering $3,000 to individuals and $6,000 to families — in an attempt to reduce poverty in the United States and bolster the wages of the poor.”

That obviously would not be a living wage for anyone or any family.  So what would it accomplish other than exploding the national debt?

Where are those starry-eyed socialists when the monthly economic reports are broadcast.  The U.S. is one of strongest economies in the world.  Unemployment is the lowest it has been in 60 years and is the lowest for minorities in the history of those reports.

Thus, to appease that there is employment out there for everyone who is physically and mentally able to work.  Even at minimum wage,  they would be earning more than proposed by Representative Tlaib.

It appears, therefore, that the socialists are trying to buy the votes of  those among us who were born tired and reared lazy.

Surely there are some heads shaking now with thoughts of he had too easy a life to have compassion for the destitute.

Contrary to that belief, I’ve been there and done that.  As a pre-teen and teenager, I mowed lawns with a push reel type mower, sanded floors, popped and sold pop corn at the local theater,  was the operator or projectionist at the theater, and was a butcher and clerk in Dad’s store.

After marriage, I was assigned to the Pentagon as a first lieutenant.  At the time, Washington, D.C., was among the highest cost of living areas in the country.  My pay was $186.00 a month with a housing allowance of less than a $100.00.  We lived in a small, two bed room, walk-up apartment.  I used public transportation to get to and from the Pentagon.

We lived from pay check to pay check and the last week of the month was especially tight.  

Our entertainment was a small black and white television and the free concerts by the Army, Navy, and Air Fore bands. We went to two drive-in movies in three years.

We lived on the proverbial shoe string, but marched on because we knew under the American economic freedom system, things would get better.  If I did my job well and hung in there, promotions and pay increase would come in due course.

So here’s the perspective.

America’s economic freedom permits all to rise to the level they desire and are willing and able to work for.  

Let’s not fool with it.



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