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Hell, It’s On

John W. Pinkerton


Okay…I tried to pretend it wasn't so, but…Hell, it's on.

A Hollywood star made mention that he was praying
for  a fellow entertainer who had had a heart attack and the airheads attacked him like…well, airheads.

They can't believe he's a Jesus freak.  A Jesus freak?  Just because he mentioned that he was praying for a fellow human being?  Let me guess these same airheads are of a liberal persuasion.

I was raised going to church---both a Methodist and Baptist.  I'm a member of the Methodist Church…kinda.  When I was about eighteen, I decided I had gotten the message and seldom darken their doors today---weddings, funerals, christenings…those sorts of things, and I ain't mad at any of the churches.

Nevertheless, I'm a believer.  I just don't see the necessity of attending church on a regular basis…I may see the errors of my ways later if you get my drift, but for now, not going to church unless I have to.

I've always admired Christians who make an honest effort to truly abide by the words of the Bible, and the church is good for taming little heathens.

Hell, this nation, for the most part, was built by God fearing men and women who tried to create a country where all religions would be tolerated…no, welcomed.

Some Islamists have kinda put me on notice that “welcome” might not be the wisest word, but maybe they'll change their ways.  We'll see.

The criticism of the young fellow in Hollywood is just the tip of the iceberg: the immediate past
President made light of folks who “cling” to their Bibles; a lady host on a daytime talk show said the Vice-President of the United States was mentally ill because of his Christian faith; Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders repeatedly challenged the current President's pick as deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mr. Vought, for his Christian convictions.  Holy smoke!

I've always been tolerant of religions beyond mine because it's a big world full of lots of ideas about religion all of which I assume are trying to find the path to God or the Gods and the path to a better life. 

Hell, I have no objections to atheists or agnostics.  Not for one moment do I believe that they're damned to Hell for their disbeliefs or their questions.  I'm sure God just says, “Well, bless their hearts.”

However, if you believe in the Old Testament God who has a reputation for anger and revenge, you folks criticizing the beliefs beyond yours might find yourself in a bit of bind when and if it comes time for a reckoning.  Just saying.