Henny Penny Democrats

Bill Neinast


Henny Penny, of Chicken Little if you prefer the American version, is in a tizzy.  She is fluttering around in fear, but not about the sky falling that originally spooked her.

Now the democrats have her riled up with their dire predictions of President Trump launching a nuclear holocaust.   She is scared that nuclear bombs, not the sky, will be falling.

Henny is as convinced as the ill advised Democrats that there will be a red button next to Trump’s Twitter pad in the Oval Office.  Anytime a world leader says something that he does not like, he will hit that red button and nukes will be on their way to fall out of the sky.

How naive.  Yes, the U.S. has a large stockpile of nuclear weapons.  Some of them are on launch pads with specific targets programmed into their guidance system.  Not a single one of them, however, can be launched with a simple stroke of one button.

A launch order from the President would have to go through several chains of command to the site of the missile with the coordinates of the  appropriate target imbedded in its guidance system.  There, at least two officers with appropriate clearances, individual codes to unlock their switches, and separate launch keys would have to work in unison to get the missiles airborne.

All of this can be done quickly, but there is enough time for someone in the chain to say, “Hey, we are not going to destroy the world just because President Trump thinks Angela Merkel has put on too much weight.”

So Henny should settle down, crawl back on her nest, and consider more serious threats.  

First on her list of concerns should be the fate of the nation when the hoodlums who are demonstrating and rioting in the streets of major cities because they do not like the results of the presidential election. 

The most disturbing aspect of those demonstrations is the participants. Most of those disrupting traffic and breaking windows appear to be young men and women of college age or recent college graduates.  Those demonstrating on the Texas A&M campus were definitely college material.

This raises questions about what is being taught at our universities and what kind of political system will prevail when they take over.

One of the factors in this democracy’s surviving and prospering for more than two centuries has been the imbedded principle of peaceful transfer of power.  In every contested election, one side loses.  Our practice has always been for the losers to shake their heads a bit, mumble something about waiting till next time, and then, in most cases, see if they might be able to work with the winner.

Another concern is that the generation making up the bulk of these demonstrators/rioters is the same that swelled the ranks of the millions of supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders.  That is the generation of pampered youngsters reared by helicopter parents. 

As young adults, they expect life to continue as always— every desire filled on demand.  Their parents are no longer there with open purses, so the government should step in.  They want subsidized medical care, college degrees furnished like public high school certificates, and low cost vehicles that do not aggravate that ogre “global warmer.”

All these needs or desires should be furnished as always by the parents or, if they are no longer around, the government.  

Who will pay for it?  That is simple.  All those rich people like Ma and Pa Clinton and those evil banks and businesses who are not paying their “fair share” of taxes should take care of all of this.  Just do not expect us to take care of ourselves.

So here’s the perspective. 

There are ample reasons for Henny Penny and Chicken Little to be concerned.  The sky was falling.

A socialist tornado was forming on the horizon. If it touched down, the free enterprise democracy that we have enjoyed for centuries would suffer severe damage.  

Fortunately, enough mature voters saw the tornado forming and broadcasted the warning to protect the country for a while.  Will the millennials ever appreciate the destruction they avoided?

For now, let’s let Henny and Chicken rest a bit and undergo one more peaceful change of government.   


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