High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Bill Neinast


Help!  I need help answering current political questions.

The first and most basic question involves our Constitution.  That document provides that a President can be impeached or removed from office for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Crimes and misdemeanors are defined as actions in violation of a law or laws that prohibit specific conduct such as rape (a high crime) and driving faster than a posted speed limit (a misdemeanor).

So the first question is what high crime and/or misdemeanor is our President charged with in the current impeachment proceedings?

The second question has multiple parts.  

The first is whether an abuse of power is a high crime or a misdemeanor?

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff constantly refer to our President’s abuse of power in their discussion of the ongoing impeachment proceedings.  But they never specify what power was abused, how it was abused, and what law prohibits an abuse of power.

So the first question is what is an abuse of power?

Second, what law prohibits an abuse of power?

Third, who determines that there has been an abuse of power?  Could someone determine, for example, that a President’s granting or refusal to grant a pardon was an abuse of power?

The fourth question on which I need help is what was covered up?

The transcript of our President’s phone conversation with the President of Ukraine was there since its inception and is now available without redactions in the public media.

Initially, the transcript was transferred to a highly classified server and never “washed” like the 33000 documents  deleted from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s server in her private home.

As every word and punctuation mark of the “scandalous” conversation is available to anyone who would like to read it, where is the cover up?

The next and harder question is what is the threat to national security the Socialist/Democrats are screaming about?

Generally, threats to national security mean compromising classified information, permitting or allowing hacking of national computer systems, and other forms of giving other nations an advantage in actions against us.

The thirty minute conversation between our President and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine is basically an introductory conversation.  The word reciprocal is spoken one time by our President as he asks the Ukrainian to look into the Biden entanglement with a Ukrainian gas company..

When the current excuse for an impartial investigation began, President Zelensky said he was not aware at the time that the U.S. aid to his country was on hold and that it had no bearing on his conversation and agreement with our President.

At the time of that conversation, Joe Biden was leading the polls among the 23 candidates for the Socialist-Democrat nomination some18 months in the future.  As the Republican contest of 2016 showed, the candidate that far ahead that far out has no guarantee of being nominated in the end.

So here’s the question, what is the crime or misdemeanor in any part of that conversation between two presidents, a very common occurrence?

Next, why were the Whistle Blower rules recently changed so that first hand knowledge is no longer required to qualify for protection?

And how did Representative Adam Schiff know about the contents of the Whistle Blower’s letter before it was made public?

So here’s the perspective.

This is the final question.  

Who can answer each of the above questions truthfully and logically and still vote the Socialist/Democrat ticket?

If you answer, “Yes, I can,” do you really want socialism under Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or any of the other leading contenders for the Socialist/Democrat nomination to replace the booming economy under our current capitalist President?

Think about it.



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