Hobson’s Choice 2016

Bill Neinast


History repeats itself.  That fact creates a worry about something that will happen six months hence.

The country’s election on November 8 will be unlike any in history.  Hopefully, it will be a one time occurrence.

On that day, American voters will be given a  Hobson’s choice, not an election.  A Hobson’s choice is when there is no choice; a take it or leave it situation. 

For example, you go to a stable to rent a horse.  There are ten nice mounts available, but you are told to take the stallion in stable 3 or none at all.

That is a Hobson’s choice and that is the kind of choice facing voters entering voting booths on election day.

The two current presumptive nominees for President are so equally matched in disqualifications that it will hardly matter which lever is pulled. 

Consider these factors:

The percentage of voters who have unfavorable views of the candidate in their party is well above 50% for both Republicans and Democrats.

Neither candidate is considered trustworthy by a substantial majority in both parties.

Both candidates are narcissists whose only interest is his or her own aggrandizement.  They want to be crowned instead of inaugurated.

A high percentage of the voters in both parties say they will never vote for the current presumptive nominee of the party.

Both candidates shift their positions on various problems so often that one can only guess what he or she would do when actually confronted with one of those problems.

Now, just for fun, consider the improbable.  What if the FBI recommends that criminal charges over the classified materials fiasco be referred to a grand jury?  Then, what, if beyond all belief, Clinton is indicted on various charges concerning the security of this nation?

Go one step further and assume that the impossible scenario described above results in Bernie Sander’s nomination as the Gemocrat candidate for President.

Sanders is just the opposite of Trump and Clinton.  He is an honest, honorable man.  Unlike other democrats, he proudly admits that he is a socialist.  So if you vote for him, you know exactly what you are getting--a socialist United States.

A contest between Trump and Sanders would not be a Hobson’s choice.  There would be two clear choices. 

A vote for Trump would mean crowning a King Trump whose first actions would be to rename the White House as the Trump Tower Annex and then proceed to alienate every world leader who is not already an enemy.

A vote for Sanders would mean selecting a very humble, honest man whose main efforts would be to change the capitalist system of the U.S. to a socialist utopia with the government in charge of allocating the nation’s wealth.

So here’s the perspective.

The total number of voters who have trekked to the polls this year is a relatively small percentage of the nation’s population.

Whether knowingly or unwittingly, that minority has created a nightmare for everyone. Will it be a male bully or a female liar for President?

Complicating this already serious and scary situation is the fact that there will be, in effect, two elections on the ballots this fall. 

The presidency is not the only office to consider.  The Supreme Court is also up for election.  The new President will be able to appoint from two to five new Justices to the court. 

The President will be elected for only four years, but the new court will reign for several generations.

The 50 United States have not been faced with this type of disintegration since the War Between the States.

Pray that this looming disaster does not repeat itself.


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