JUN Old Art Guy 2019

M        a        G        A        Z        I        n        E

NEW authorS:

Mick’s Thesis Newspaper Style

“essay” by Mick Burson


The Wart on Grandpa’s Knee

poem by Wayne Edwards

Art Exhibit

poem by Wayne Edwards

Mangy Rat and Smarty Cat

poem by Wayne Edwards


poem by Wayne Edwards

My Brother’s  Part Animal

poem by Wayne Edwards

Sundays Smell Different

short fiction by John Pinkerton

Lucky in Life

essay by Corky Cummings

Sad and Obvious Agenda

essay by Sherrine Moore

Attics and Birdcalls

essay by Michael O’Brien

On Sticking One’s Patriotic Neck Out to Clean Up Government

essay by Bob Hurt

Lonely Artists

essay by John Pinkerton

Hardware, Software, and Life

essay by John Pinkerton

Man Plans, and God Laughs

essay by John Pinkerton

Apathy---Not Always a Bad Thing

essay by John Pinkerton

The “Doctor” Needs Guidance

essay by Bill Neinast

Dems Plotting against Electoral College

essay by Bill Neinast

Greatest Generation Not to Be Replicated

essay by Bill Neinast

Chickens and Illegals

essay by Bill Neinast

Have Faith in Capitalism

essay by Bill Neinast

Guest Authors

Big Al

Grady Arnold

Robin Avery

Tami Bachert

Hendrik Bergen

Steve Branch

Jay Brakefield

Mick Burson

Patricia Campbell

David Carlton

Rhonda Wheeler Cook

Frank Cox III

Corky Cummings

Russell Cushman

Samantha Jane DeMont

Wayne Edwards


John Grant

Paul Hord

Lisa Hughes

Bob Hurt


Ken Keller

Marc Lockard

Sue Ann Lockard

Scott McDermott

Eugene Miller

Sherrine Moore

Ken Muenzenmayer

Bill Neinast

Michael O’Brien

Bob Pankey

Theresa Perez

John Pinkerton

Amy Roman

Roy Sanders

Mick Stratton

Bill Tune

Lisa Urban

Ponk Vonsydow

Charles Wallis

Milton Watts

Curt Wills





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nine hundred and sixteen Archived Essays and three hundred and  twenty-two Archived Poems and Songs and forty-three Short Fictional  Works and one Novel and one audiobook and thirty-four Guest Authors and  sixty-four Guest Artists

Thirteen new essays and one short story and  five new poems and thirty-one contributing artists


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The invitation is open to any artists who would like a spot among the guest artists and to any of you folks who get an itch to share your writing on this site.   See  “An Unashamed Personal Pitch to Encourage You to Write for This Website.”


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“The Tower Of Babel”: Pieter Bruegel the Elder