Honest Trump

Bill Neinast


What is more rare than a friendly rattlesnake?  Oh, come on, don’t give up so easily.  You see, read, and hear about this rarity many times every day.

This rare animal is a politician who does in office exactly what he or she said would be done during their campaigns for office.  We currently have a prime example of such a seldom seen phenomenon in our President.

Think of him as you will, call him what you will, shudder when his name is mentioned, but he is our President.  For that reason, I will refer to him only as our President hereafter.

Now cut through all the hysteria of Democrats and the liberal media that want to talk only about Russian meddling in our election or what kind of shoes the First Lady wore when she got off a plane in a disaster area.

Then look at what our President is doing or trying to do on both the domestic and foreign stages.  There is no question that he is trying to do everything he said he would do while on the campaign trail.

If you do not like some or even all of his actions, so be it.  Those actions are what attracted enough voters to elect him President.  So he has a mandate to do what he is doing.

What is he doing?  First and foremost, he is striving to make America great again.  There are no more apologies for our past or current actions, as was common with his predecessor.

He got the attention and respect of NATO by insisting that all members assume a proportionate share of the load.  Just last week, he did the same with the UN and had Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May immediately jump on the band wagon.

There is no question that, unlike his predecessor, if he draws a red line in the sand, no one had better step over it.

Domestically, he has revoked his predecessor’s unconstitutional Executive Order on the Dreamers.  He has, however, recognized the humanity in accommodating in some manner those young immigrants who know no country other than ours.  He left the door open for a solution other than deportation.

He is trying hard to build that wall along the southern border that he promised.  The hold up is Congress, not our President.  Whether he will get Mexico to pay for any or all of it remains to be seen.  You can be sure, though, that he will try.

The GDP is growing and the stock market is soaring under our President’s positive attitude toward business.  The two pipe lines needed to get oil to American refineries that were halted by his predecessor on specious environmental arguments are now completed or near completion.  

Work is progressing on tax reform that will permit and encourage American businesses to repatriate jobs and billions of dollars to our shores. This part of the tax reform package is rarely heard from democrats and the media.  The only thing they can cry about is that the tax proposals favor the wealthy.

North Korea and Iran, the two major threats to world peace are cans that were kicked down the road to our President’s backyard by his predecessors of both parties.   

The ridiculous Iran Nuclear Treaty that guarantees Iran’s access to nuclear weapons in less than ten years may be revoked by our President as this column goes to press.  If he does, financial sanctions may be imposed that would again slow Iran’s march toward nuclear status.

Dealing with the seemingly irrational Kim Jong-un is more difficult.  One thing is sure, however, if the Korean leader is foolish enough to take any aggressive action against us or an ally; he will be destroyed.

So here’s the perspective.

In the absence of a death, resignation, or impeachment, our President will keep the lights burning in the Oval Office for the next three plus years. 

We got exactly what a majority of the voters in states with a majority of the Electoral College wanted.  There are no surprises in the official actions our President is taking.

Let’s get over the pettiness and accept our President for who he is.  He may be boorish, petulant, childish, and any other names you can think of, but he has one unassailable quality.

He is honest.  He keeps his word.  That is rare.


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