How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked

Bill Neinast

Chris Rock is a comedian.  He has a skit on You Tube, “How Not to Get Your Ass Kicked,” that should be the theme song of the Black Lives Matter and the White House.

The theme is how to keep your butt from being kicked by the police.  He presents in an entertaining, funny way a number of rules for avoiding problems with authorities. 

He starts with Rule 1: Obey the Law.  There are several short scenes depicting what constitutes breaking the law and the consequences of breaking them. 

Rock is black and uses common street language.  So it should be a hit in minority communities.  

Space limits do not allow a run through of all of Rock’s rules, but the skit can be, and should be, enjoyed on TVs and computers.  Try it.  Accept the language and enjoy.

Had today’s youngsters been trained with those rules and philosophy, that incident of a security officer dumping a female student out of her chair in South Carolina may not have happened.

The student is far from blameless.  She was disrupting the class and had been asked to leave by both her teacher and an assistant principal.  So the security officer was called.

Once again she defied authority and may have tried to slap the officer. Under those circumstances what could or should be done?  

What would you have done under those circumstances?

The news media has taken the high and mighty condemnation route on this incident.  The video of the chair and student being turned over was aired ad nauseam for several days on the national media.  On a few occasions the student’s misconduct that led to the confrontation was even mentioned.

The media was not satisfied until it could announce that the security officer had been fired.  There was, however, very little or no mention that much of the student body at that school walked out in protest.   

The protest was not over the treatment of the student.  This was in support of the fired officer.  

Does that say something about the reputation and actions of the disruptive student?

The media has to share considerable blame  for incidents like the one under discussion.  Any hint of inappropriate or questionable actions by law enforcement officers is given in-depth continuous coverage.  

Normally, however, the in-depth coverage does not dig down into why the officer resorted to the actions he or she did. There is rarely mention of Rock’s admonition to obey the law if you do not want to have your butt kicked.

Some senior citizens will remember the days when, if an incident like this occurred, the student would have his or her butt kicked twice.  Police or security would not even be around.  

The assistant who tried to get this student to leave would have assisted her by kicking her butt out of the room.  Then she would have gotten it kicked again when she got home because she had not obeyed the law.

In contrast, the “abused” student and her parents in this case are threatening to sue all involved.  Some idiotic jury may award them millions of dollars in “damages” and thus publish the award as a goal for others to seek the quick, easy money.

So here’s the prospective.

This terrible incident started at the student’s home.  She obviously had no training on how to be a good student and citizen.

That seems to be common throughout the U.S.  As there is little chance that those home environments will change, maybe Chris Rock can ride to the rescue.

The Rock video should be the opening segment in the first class of every course in every semester in public and private schools.

Some parents might object to the language for use in the early grades.  By about the sixth grade, however, the video is in the vernacular common among those youngsters.  As comedy, it would get and hold their attention and they might learn something. 

They would certainly learn something more positive than listening to the rantings of the Black Lives Matter movement and the blathering of White House spokespersons.  


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