Hunker Down!

Bill Neinast

Hunker down!  A big blow is on the horizon.

Those in the know say this will be a tsunami of unprecedented ferocity.  Fortunately, however, Texas will not bear the brunt of the storm.  Texans will just experience much heavier seas than normal.


Tsunamis roll up out of natural disasters.  Normally, the causes are earthquakes or eruptions somewhere in the affected body of water.  Such a disturbance has occurred in our national waters.

The force pushing this storm is that the hardest job in the world just got harder. 

Four years ago, an unknown, unqualified, inexperienced actor arose like the star beaming down on Bethlehem.  He said, “Follow me.  I will give you hope and change.  I will handle the hard job like children’s Play-doh and mold it into a new form.”

The media and much of the voting public was so mesmerized with this bright, shining star that they did not bother to inquire into the source of the light.  They just said, “Yes!, please lead us on to hope and change.”

Now, four years later, the promised change is occurring, but it is not producing the hope that was promised.  Just the opposite is the reality.

Surviving three-fourths of Shining Light, Obama’s first term in office, has many people humming the second verse of Sixteen Tons:

                “You load sixteen tons, what do you get

                 Another day older and deeper in debt

                 Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go

                 I owe my soul to the company store.”

The tremendous debt that the Obama administration has created for our children and grandchildren, the burden of a government run health care system, the denigration of business success, and the devaluation of the nation in world politics loom as substantial road blocks to an Obama second term.

That is why the hardest job in the world is now harder.  There is no way that the President can seek reelection on his record.  “Hope and change” are out the window.  Now, it has to be “blame and shame,” “blame and scare,” or both.

The blame waves are the following: “It’s not my fault.  It is all George Bush’s fault for starting this and leaving the mess for me to clean up and I just have not had enough time.   Also, the Republican House of Representatives just will not work with me.”  Oddly, the class warriors seem to forget that for the first two years of the Obama presidency, they controlled both houses of Congress and the White House.  Could it be that they do not want anyone to ask where we would be if they had controlled the whole game for four years?

The shame waves are the following: “You should be ashamed of yourself for being a successful businessman.  How many people went to their deaths without insurance because you fired them to make a business profitable?  Shame, shame on you.”

The scare waves are just more severe versions of the decades old class warrior threats of, “Republicans are going to destroy social security for the elderly and end medicare/medicaid for everyone.”

The blame, shame, and scare waves are rolling at ever higher levels. They are purposely exhausting the swimmers and surfers to such an extent that there can be no attention given to the mundane things that make the U.S. Presidency the hardest job in the world.

Where are the discussions and debates on budgets, deficits, unemployment, devastated housing markets, Americans dying in Afghanistan at the hands of our allies and friends, genocide in Syria, Iranian nuclear power, etc.

The Republican candidates Romney and Ryan want to discuss and debate these topics.  The class warrior establishment, however, will have nothing to do with such relevant topics.  That would mean defending the Obama record and arguing that “we must stay the course.”  Who wants that?

So here’s the perspective.

The full force and fury of the real storm is battering other states--the so called swing states.  Texas is considered a blood red state; i.e., solid Republican.  Arguing here that we should stay the course for change would be a waste of campaign time and money.

A few of the negative ads are aired in the state just to keep a presence, but voters in the so called swing states are having to endure endless blame and shame and blame and scare ads.

The most destructive part of this tsunami is that negative ads work.  If they were not so effective, billions of dollars would not be pouring into them. 

What does that say about the voters? 


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