I, Uncle Sam, Resolve...

Bill Neinast


I, Uncle Sam, resolve in 2016 to:

1.  Restore my country to its rightful position of leader of the free world.  This will require following in the footsteps of President Teddy Roosevelt of talking softly but carrying a big stick.  In doing that, I will say what I mean, mean what I say, and do what I say.  There will be no more forgotten red lines. 

2.  Proclaim loudly and frequently that we are involved in WWIII. I will acknowledge that the primary battleground is Iraq, Syria, and surrounding countries, but that there are minor battles and skirmishes in most countries of the world.

3.  Acknowledge just as loudly and frequently that the enemy of the free world in WWIII is radical Islam.  Simultaneously, I will redouble efforts to enlist the vast majority of Muslims to join in the fight against their radical brothers.

4.  When one of the skirmishes or battles of WWIII occur in my country as in New York, the Pentagon, Fort Hood, and San Bernadino, denounce them as terrorist attacks perpetrated by radicalized Muslims.  Then I will publicly invite Imams and other leaders of moderate Mosques to join in those condemnations.

5.  Confine in the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility every male and female, regardless of nationality, taken into custody by this country in any battle of the war.  As this is an international war, the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war apply.  Accordingly, these POWs can be held without trial until the war’s end.  Any suspected or accused of war crimes could be tried by international war crimes tribunals.

6.  Begin the process of restoring local control in all areas which are not delegated to the federal level by the Constitution.  As a starter, I will abolish the Federal Department of Education as promised by several of the occupants of the White House.

7.  Abolish the Department of Veterans Affairs and privatize all VA hospitals and clinics.  Veterans affairs will be transferred to the Department of Defense and veterans will be provided the same medical care provided for active and retired military personnel.  This will allow veterans to receive medical care at the nearest facility of their choice and eliminate the inept and corrupt VA. 

8.  Work with Congress to fund research into climate change as a normal cyclical event unrelated to human activity and into using for human consumption the water that covers more than 75% of the earth in the same dollar amounts allocated for global warming and predictions of dying of thirst.  As the doom sayers of global warming begin to see their research dollars dwindling they will not try so hard to make their computers forecast disaster. 


9.  Work with  Congress to consider seriously the Fair Tax proposal.  This system would eliminate the Internal Revenue Service and income tax returns, and make every adult in the country, regardless of citizenship status, a tax payer.  The tax collectors would be sellers of “things” for human use or consumption.  The only need for enforcement agents would be to make sure all sales are reported and the resulting tax is remitted to the federal treasury.     

10.  Direct all federal agencies to start enforcing existing laws concerning immigration and federal aid to noncitizens.

So here’s the perspective.

These New Year’s resolutions by Uncle Sam are destined for the same fate as resolutions by mere mortals.

Under either the current leadership or those vying to become the new leaders, none of these resolutions will be remembered by January 31.  

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if just one or two of these got traction?


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