Ignoring Facts

Bill Neinast


Just ignore facts you do not like.  That seems to be the attitude of the liberal press and Democrats.

Here, for example, are some facts that seem unacceptable to liberals.

Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College vote.  Donald Trump won that election and will be President for the next three plus years.

There is no legal process now available to reverse or redo the Electoral College vote.  The only way to remove Trump from the White House is by impeachment.  That is highly unlikely at the moment because Republicans control both houses of Congress.

If Trump were to be impeached, the Republicans would still be in control because Mike Pence would move into the White House.

All of the Democrat and Republican candidates for public office sought all the dirt they could find on their opponents.  Unfortunately, that is the way politics has operated in this country since its birth.  

Where the dirt comes from is immaterial.  Friends and foes are welcome sources, just so long as they provide results.

Members of both the Clinton and Trump campaign teams had informal, casual, and serious contacts with officials or operatives of foreign countries.  Clinton, for example, received millions of dollars in “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation from foreign “businesses.”

Someone or some agency in Russia hacked into the computers of the Democrat National Committee and the Clinton campaign organization and made the “dirt” it found there available to the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.

President Obama was informed about the Russian interference in the election last summer.  He did nothing about it because he, like all other Democrats, knew Hillary Clinton would be the next President.

There seems to be no concern by the media and others about the developing evidence that Ukraine was colluding with the Clinton campaign to defeat Donald Trump.

Voters in the fly over country have rejected the liberal socialism of New York and Los Angeles.  That is why Republicans control two-thirds of the states’ capitals.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is spiraling out of control, just as it was designed to do.  Insurance premiums and deductibles are sky rocketing, insurance companies are dropping out of various markets, and medical and medicine costs are climbing.

The ACA is the law that Nancy Pelosi said had to be passed before we could know what was in it.  The secrecy was to allow Congress to take the first step toward a single payer system, socialized medical care, or free medical care for all, or whatever you want to call it.

In taking that step, no consideration was given to where the 30 trillion dollars required to fund socialized medicine over a ten year period would come from.

Situations like that facing the parents of Charlie Gard in England were never considered.  Englanders “enjoy” socialized medicine and have to watch the government, not the parents, decide whether Charlie  is taken off life support or allowed to transfer to the U.S. for experimental treatment.  

Remember the discussions of “death squads” under the ACA?  Those were the federal bureaucrats who would decide what type of care would be provided for the elderly and disabled.  That’s the single payer system in action. 

The White House released figures last week showing the Senate has confirmed less than a quarter of President Trump's 216 nominations while the Senate confirmed 69 percent of Obama’s 454 nominations before the August recess his first year in office.

According to the press secretary’s office, the Senate has confirmed 48 of Trump’s 197 agency nominations. The White House said only two of Trump’s 23 judicial nominations have been confirmed.

So here’s the perspective.

The election is over.  A President has been elected.  There is work to be done.  Let’s get to it.

Unfortunately, completing that work is a bipartisan effort and, as one commentator noted recently, the only bipartisan activity in Washington today is dysfunction.

We may have survived earlier loggerheads over trivia like this, but it is hard to remember when.


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