Impeachment: a Christmas Gift

Bill Neinast

Surprises under the tree are the best gifts.  Fortunately, Santa surprised me three times.

The first was when my sons reached the age of wanting to go duck hunting with me.  In the early fall of that year we went shopping for another shot gun.  My first choice was an over/under double barreled 12 gauge.  Because of the price, we went for a cheaper automatic.

Imagine my surprise that Christmas morning when my lovely wife walked to the Christmas tree with that double barreled shotgun with a beautiful red bow. It is now among my prized possessions.

The second surprise was a few years later when that same lovely wife came to the Christmas tree with a small package I could not recognize.  It was a Kindle, something I had never heard of.  Now it is not only a prized possession, it is an essential possession.

The Kindle downloads books in which I can enlarge the print to accommodate my fading eyesight or listen to in the audible version.  So I am now a happy participant in the book club here at Skye Retirement Center.

The third Christmas surprise was  when Nancy Pelosi placed something called Article of Impeachment under the national Christmas tree.

This, of course is facetious.  Impeachment was a certainty the day the socialists officially acquired a majority in the House of Representatives.  Even before Pelosi’s gavel hit the podium the first time, there were cries and demands of “Impeach,” “Impeach.”

Now look at the twists and turns in that street leading to the precipice.  The first curve that pushed them into the ditch was that unforgivable collusion with Russia (not to be confused with Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia in producing the Russian Dossier).  When the multimillion dollar Mueller Report cut the legs off that pedestal, there had to be something else to hang on this unfit human’s neck.

So they came up with something called an illegal quid-pro-quo agreement with little Ukraine.  When polls showed that the audience to whom this pantomime was directed did not understand quid-pro-quo, the script abruptly switched to bribery.

Bribery is one of the four bases for impeachment specified in the Constitution.  There has to be some evidence somewhere out there that our President bribed Ukraine to do research for him on a possible opponent the same way Hillary Clinton hired Christopher Steele through the Democrat National Committee to prepare a Russian Dossier on Donald Trump.

Fate, however, was not smiling on the socialists this year.  As hard as they tried, they could not establish a bribery or any other crime or misdemeanor.  

But something had to be done.  So they created new grounds for impeachment that the founding fathers had not considered.  There did not have to be a crime, we will just say the President has to be removed from office when we think he has abused his power or obstructed Congress.

The separation of powers established by the founding fathers was thrown out the window.  Now anytime a president does something Congress does not like, the House members can say he abused his own powers and impeach him.  Looking for crimes and misdemeanors is completely out of style.

Then after that facade of a fair hearing, Pelosi announces that she will not send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate until she is assured that our President will get a fair trial.  

What?  Pelosi and her lemmings are now interested in fairness.  When did this metamorphosis take place, and what brought it about?

So here’s the perspective.

Impeachment was, in fact, a surprise Christmas package.  It was a surprise for its proponents and chroniclers.

Instead of being showered with promises of votes, they have to watch liberals being buried by conservatives in the last British election and try to console their colleagues who are facing conservative opposition in so-called swing states in the elections just around the corner.

Maybe the Christmas break will also give them pause to consider the can of worms they have opened.  Do they really want abuse of power to be an impeccable offense?

If their next President issues an Executive Order revoking an Order issued by President Trump can the House of Representatives find that to be a breach of power and impeach him?

Will Pelosi find this surprise to be one of her better gifts?  We will see.



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