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It’s a Freakin’ Miracle

John W. Pinkerton


I witnessed a freakin’ miracle the other evening.

Some young friends (Everyone under 50 is young to me.) were visiting us in our home recently.

I excused myself to have cigarette on the porch.  The young man followed me, and as I was pontificating on the politics of the day, I noticed that the fellow was beginning to squirm and look a little uncomfortable.  I suggested that he appeared to want to say something but was reluctant.  He replied, “Yes, but I'm not very good at expressing my thoughts.”  I responded, “Just let 'er rip.”

He began slowly, but with a little encouragement he reached a steady pace.

Now I was expecting his first statement to be, “Trump is a sorry SOB.”  Now, this is where the miracle comes in: in his entire discourse, he never once mentioned the name of Trump or any other politician.  Hallelujah!

He began with his views on capitalism.  He didn't say capitalism is the root of all evil nor did he say capitalism is the only way.  He said the problem he has with capitalism in the United States is that it is not true capitalism.  He added that “too big to fail” is an obvious example, and that too often the federal government manipulates the economy by choosing winners and losers via laws and taxation.

The other point he made was that some socialism is necessary supporting this position by saying that the government is simply in a better position to accomplish some things than the private sector.

He concluded with, “I just want a government that works.”

By this time, I was beginning to get the vapors: what, no vitriol, no hate, no sneering at one side or the other?

I realized that I had just witnessed a miracle and was in the presence of a saint---well, at least by today's standards.  I'm glad that I was present to witness this.