January 4, 2021: Historical

Bill Neinast


The week of January 4, 2021, will rest in American history books alongside the week of July 4,1776, as one of the most significant weeks in the nation’s life.

On July 4, 1776, a mob in Philadelphia began an insurrection to rip a huge chunk of the British Empire away from the Crown in England and to establish its own government.  During the week of January 4, 2021, a mob in Washington, D.C. attempted a coup to change the government from within.

Currently, the media generally refers to the turmoil in Washington as an insurrection.  The Civil War and the Declaration of Independence were insurrections trying to establish new governments  away from the old.  What occurred in Washington on January 6 was a coup, an attempt to change the government from within.

The Trump Coup was a thinly veiled attempt to prevent the Senate from confirming the election of Joe Biden as President.  

If the coup had succeeded, Donald Trump assumed he would have been left in power long enough to plead, cajole, and threaten the state legislatures to appoint new Electors to vote for him.  There would be no simple, peaceful transition into a new properly elected administration.  An administration formed by an unruly mob would remain in power.

Variations of those tactics of manipulating the vote tally are what keep dictators in power in various countries.  We are fortunate, therefore, that our first ever coup failed.

The preceding paragraphs will infuriate some who regret not going to Washington on January 6 to support Trump.  They will continue to ignore the fact that more than 50 judges—state and federal, Democrat and Republican—have reviewed the evidence in lawsuits filed by Trump and his supporters and dismissed the suits for lack of evidence.

The unsuccessful coup on the 6th was not the only event that made the week of the 4th memorable.  The election of two Democrat senators from Georgia is also historically significant.

Now, with Vice President Kamala Harris having the tie breaking vote in the Senate, the socialist/Democrats control both the legislative and executive branches of the government. Unless Joe Manchin and another one or two Democrat senators switch their party votes on some legislation, the slide into socialism will accelerate.

That slide has already been given a push in just the first few days of the Biden presidency.  More than 20,000 workers are being added to the unenployment rolls by a couple of strokes of the Biden pen.  Halting construction of the Keystone Pipeline and the border wall will be disastrous in those areas of employment. The already bulging lines at the unemployment offices because of the pandemic are due for a minor explosion in growth.

But not to worry.  As one Biden spokesman said, “They can soon find work elsewhere.”  He did not say where or how and was not pressed for details.  Imagine the press jumping on that if a Trump spokesperson had taken such a cavalier attitude.

Halting the border wall will probably have more long term effects than delaying the pipeline.  A huge caravan of South Americans trying to enter the country of free (for them) medical care, schools, and housing is already fighting its way north.  Undoubtedly, that is just the first of many.

Not only is Biden opening up the border, he is launching a path to citizenship for those undocumented aliens already here.  Certainly that will not be bait for more caravans from the south.

Then, just after signing a pile of Executive Orders repealing orders issued by his predecessor, in typical tax and spend Democrat style, he proposed a two trillion dollar spending bill to Congress.  Some of those “free” dollars will go into COVID relief checks for citizens like me who do not need them.  Some will go into rent and eviction relief, aid for small businesses, education loan relief, and on and on.

When it was pointed out that the proposal would push the national debt over the 30 trillion dollar mark, the spokesman said  something like, “We will pay for it by raising taxes on those who are not now paying their fair share.”

Those not paying their fair share must refer to the top one percent of taxpayers with an annual income of 2.4 million dollars who already pay 38.5% of all income tax revenue (2017 data).  If all of the assets or capital of that one percent were confiscated  and applied against the national debt, it probably would not make even a noticeable dent in the total.   Where will the rest of the money come from?

So here’s the perspective.

The week of January 4, 2021 was historic. 

Hope that we will not have one like it for another 244 years. 



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