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I’ve known Jean for many years.  I taught her two children.  We taught together in Somerville ISD.  Jean was the secondary art teacher near the end of her education career.  It’s been a pleasure to watch Jean’s skills in oil grow through the years.


Jean Scott Curling is an accomplished
artist whose work reflects her love of old things, old buildings, trees, people, as well as her love for the new, fresh things that come alive in her florals of daisies, mums, roses and wildflowers and landscapes.

Jean has studied with many prominent artists in the central Texas area.  Her paintings are on exhibit in galleries, private collections, businesses, and her own studio.

She is accredited by the state of Texas as an art teacher.  She has taught junior high and high school art.    She is a noted workshop presenter.

In her classes she stresses that painting is a positive action; criticism is a negative action; one should work in the realm of his or her present capabilities always striving toward a higher goal. 

“Compare your work only with what you did yesterday and look forward to what you will do tomorrow, but most of all, enjoy the now of your own  creativity.”




The Frame Gallery

216 N. Bryan Ave.

Bryan, TX 77803


Art C's

17442 State Highway 36 S

Somerville, TX 77879


Citizen State Bank in Caldwell

201 E Buck St

Caldwell, TX 77836

Curling Brush Strokes

1060 Garden Street

Somerville, TX 77879


Jean’s Update:

Days Gone By (5x7)

The Old Homestead (5x7)

One Nation Under God (5x7)

Days Gone By (5x7)

The House on Red Hill (5x7)