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I met Jeri at The Gallery at Roundtop on a day she had driven in from Georgetown with an artist friend delivering paintings for a show at the gallery.  As my wife and I looked over her works, we were increasingly impressed.  After being introduced to her and her friend, I was even more impressed by the quality of both Jeri and her friend.  Of course, I had to invite Jeri to join us.


“I am a landscape painter.  I suspect I will always find that to be my center,
despite whatever stray tangents present themselves.  Originally I began painting landscapes to capture the beauty of nature, wanting to express the way I felt when I experienced it.   And I still feel that way, but over time I have noticed changes in what attracts me to a particular scene.  I have always been drawn to certain weather conditions such as fog and thunder storms.  There is a mystery that fog conditions inspire and the power of thunder storms have always excited me.   But over time, roads, trains, and old buildings started working their way into my paintings, when before I would have avoided man made structures. 

“In 2007, I started working on themes involving roads particularly in west Texas.  Those trains and rural roads capture feelings of wanderlust as well as portraying an internal searching.   During my travels I became intrigued with buildings I kept seeing along the way.   I loved the textured surfaces and unusual abstract shapes.   Sometimes these strange old buildings seem to take on personalities, as though they were solitary people left on their own, having weathered the storms but still standing.

“Examining what draws us to do a painting, or to have a painting, can often give clues to our own thoughts and desires whether through symbols or by finding the beauty in the grand landscapes as well as the everyday scenes that surround us.   I am continually amazed when the viewing of my work triggers an emotional response in other people.   It reminds me that I am not just painting for myself but making a connection with others through a visual language.”

Jeri is a native of Richmond, Virginia,  Jeri Salter has spent all of her adult life in Texas.   She has lived in Houston, McAllen and Dallas but has been settled in the Austin area since 1994, where she and he husband raised two sons.

Primarily a self-taught artist, she has taken classes that have improved and
inspired her work from the Collin Community College in Plano and the Alfred Glassell Art School in Houston.   After working in oils for many years, she discovered pastels.  They have become her favorite medium for their immediacy and vibrancy.   Workshops with accomplished artists such as Bob Rohm, Kraig Kiedrowski, Susan Ogilvie, Colleen Howe, Anne Templeton, Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Dinah Worman have heightened her skills and influenced her approach to painting.

Jeri has had gallery representation since 2004 and has been honored with numerous awards.  Her paintings, often multiple pieces, are held in many private and corporate collections.




Gallery at Round Top in Round Top, Texas

William Reaves Fine Art Gallery in Houston, Texas


RS Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas 





Austin Pastel Society

Central Texas Pastel Society
        Exhibit Chair 2003-2006
        President 2005 - 2008
        Program Chair 2008 - present 

 Plein Air Austin


Phippen Museum Western Art Show - May 2011

       Winner First Place Pastels


Central Texas Pastel Society Challenge Painting Show - May 2011

       Winner Rita Lallathin Award 


Fayetteville ArtWalk - May 2011

      Featured Artist & Winner Artistic Excellance Award


Austin ArtCity Festival - April 2011 


Dallas Arboretum ArtScape - March 2011


Houston Bayou City Downtown Art Festival - Oct. 2010


Richardson,TX Cottonwood Art Festival  - Oct. 2010


Art of the Plains 2010 - Lincoln, NE

       American Plains Artists 26th Annual Juried Exhibit

       Great Plains Art Museum


Boulder Festival of the Arts on 29th St. - July 2010


Phippen Museum Wester Art Show - May 2010

      Winner Second Place for Pastels 


Fayetteville ArtWalk - May 2010

     Winner Mark Chapman Best of Show for 2D

Fort Worth Main St. Art Festival - April 2010

Dallas Arboretum ArtScape - March 2010

 River Art Show and Festival at La Villita in San Antonio, TX - Oct. 2009  

Central Texas Pastel Society Exhibition and Competition, Temple, TX - Aug. 2009
      Winner Best of Show for "Silo Gathering" 

"What Texas Means to Me" Art Show, Austin, TX - July 2009 

 Austin Pastel Society Miniture Show - June 2009

       Winner Best of Show

10th Annual Fayetteville Art Walk, Fayetteville, TX -May 2009

Take 190 West Art Show, Killeen, TX - Feb. 2009

Austin Museum of Art's Laguna Gloria Holiday Show - Dec.2008

"Texas Wild Bunch" Professional Artist's Show in Kerrville, TX,  invited artist - Feb. 2008

Austin Museum of Art's Laguna Gloria Holiday Show - Dec. 2007


Central Texas Pastel Society Competition - Aug. 2007

       Winnner Merit Award for Landscape

Solo Show at Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower Center - June 2007

Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower HolidayShow - Dec. 2006

Central Texas Pastel Society Competition - Aug. 2006

      Winner Merit Award  for Wildlife

Art in the Park Georgetown, TX - June 2006

Austin's Artist Harvest Facet Show
Invited artist - March 2006
Juried artist - March 2005

Art Walk in Georgetown, TX
Invited artist - Oct. 2005
Juried artist - Oct. 2004


Central Texas Pastel Society Competition - Aug. 2005

       Winner First Place 


Wildflower Art Show in Salado, TX
Invited artist - April 2005
Juried artist - April 2004


Central Texas Pastel Society Competition - Aug. 2004

      Winner First Place

Critique Circle Art Show at Great Hills Gallery, Austin, TX
Member show - Nov. 2004


Jeri will be in a group show sponsored by the William Reaves Fine Art Gallery from Houston. The show, Painting with Texas Traditions, will be held at the
Turner House in Dallas from March 6 - 12.

On the 6th will be a lecture by Dr. William Reaves at 7:30.  The opening reception will be on the 7th from 6 - 9 pm and an exhibit tour on the 8th at 1:30.  

One of Jeri’s paintings for the show wil be “The Year it Rained.”

The Year It Rained


William Reaves Gallery