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I met John at a show at Art C’s Gallery in Somerville a few years ago.  I immediately recognized a major talent when I saw his pencil drawings.  John’s a good fellow, and we’ve become friends.  Presently John is still doing his pencil drawings, but he’s also working in oil and acrylic painting now.

John was reared in California but presently lives in College Station, Texas.  His varied artistic styles include hyper-realistic pencil drawing as well as abstract painting.  
John was briefly mentored by Los Angeles artist Mark Bradford.  John was encouraged in his art by his great-grandmother, the L.A. artist Eugenia Witzleben.  Grant also looked to his grandfather, John Charles Vowels, an artist in his own right, for inspiration.  
Drawing from varied experiences such as working in a warehouse in South-Central  L.A. to doing construction work in Beverly Hills, Grant began his artistic pilgrimage five years ago when his wife's disability issues climaxed.  
His favorite artists include Mark Bradford, Jean-Michel Basquiat, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Houseago, Tobias Keene, and Lucian Freud.  
Grant is a graduate of UCSB; and he earned his masters of architecture from Texas A&M.    
John’s Galleries:

John’s Update:
John has been licensed by Texas A&M to produce and sell TAMU art.  Go to Grant Artistry  for details.

“Music Man”  32x48" acrylic