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I first met John at an art show in Bryan, Texas.   All of his works were abstract which I consider to be the most difficult of all art forms.   We later met again, and I talked him into participating on this site.  Thank goodness, he agreed.


“My earliest memory of displaying one of my paintings was over 50 years ago when as a fourth grader, I entered and took home first place prize in my Overland Park, Kansas, elementary school’s art contest. But strangely enough, that was pretty much the end of my painting ‘career’ until just a few years ago.

“I’ve maintained a love affair with art since those early years, and as far back as I remember I have been obsessed with creating. However, I never really did much in the visual arts in those intervening years other than dabble.

“My creative impulses were fed through poetry, songwriting, and performing music. I suppose I just made the conscious choice every day to live my life creatively. What triggered my interest in taking up painting again a few years ago was meeting some of the local Bryan/College Station, Texas, artists and getting inspired by the surprisingly fine work being produced here. I’m thrilled to be part of that community.

“I paint abstract paintings, primarily with acrylics. I suppose what I do could be called abstract expressionism. If someone tells me that they ‘see’ this or that in one of my paintings, some correlation to the ‘real’ world, I immediately feel the need to change the painting. I want to make something that is entirely new with little or no correlation to objects or scenes in the world.  When visiting an art museum or gallery as a child, it was always some abstract work I saw there that most fascinated me. I think it was Gerhard Richter who said what interests him most is things that he doesn’t understand. That’s it for me too. I might be blown away by the technical prowess of, say, a hyperrealist painting, but it is always the mystery of an abstract painting that haunts me, compels me, and stays with me. So that’s what I try to create.

“I live in College Station, Texas, where I am an Executive Professor in the Mays Business School of Texas A&M University. My field is Business Communication, so I teach writing skills and public speaking. But I also teach Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, and Mindfulness. In my B.A. and M.A. studies, I focused on philosophy and literature, primarily 20th Century American poetry. I’ve published a few poems here and there over the years, but my writing now is almost exclusively limited to songwriting. And speaking of music, my musical obsessions are fed by being the lead singer and main songwriter for the band Leavenworth.

“I’m inspired by the painters Gerhard Richter, Joan Mitchell, Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Hans Hofmann, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning.”


John’s Exhibitions

The Village Café

Marc 2016 (featured artist of the month)

The Riddle Gallery

May 2016

downtown Bryan, Texas

The SEAD Gallery

summer 2016 (co-exhibitor of Abstract Expressionist Texas)

The Village Café

April 2017 (award winner in juried art show)

Om Grown Yoga and Tea Bar


downtown Bryan, Texas

John’s Workshops:

John’s Updates: