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I came to know Karen through pleading with her to allow my paintings into The Gallery at Round Top.  She, apparently, felt sorry for me and now does a wonderful job promoting and selling my “art.”  Oh by the way, she’s also a world-class artist.


Karen Vernon  is a very active painter.  She has been painting in watercolor, oil, or acrylics since her childhood.  She has worked in watercolor for over 40 years, and her skill in this medium is demonstrated in each of her paintings which are a visual enchantment of color and light.  She is constantly seeking to interpret life around her and depicts her images in vibrant , often oversized images.

As a professional artist with a worldwide market, she has achieved notable recognition.  Karen was invited to show her work in a three year traveling museum exhibition entitled "Sea to Shining Sea."  She was one of 47 artists selected to participate in this major project honoring our country.  Her paintings hang in museum collections in Europe and in the United States, as well as private and corporate collections, such as the Royal Family of Saudi, Delta Airlines, the Chateu de Vuilliens, the National PGA Headquarters, the Moody Gardens Resort Hotel, and the Walt Disney Corporation.  She has been elected to the Birmingham Watercolour Society, Birmingham, U.K., is in Who's Who in American Art, Strathmore's Who's Who and holds a signature membership in the Texas Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Art Society - Houston

Karen Vernon is the founder of ACT, Artist Changing Tomorrow, a fundraiser to maintain and sustain art education.





The Gallery at Round Top

 Round Top, TX



Venue Gallery

Bloomington, IN



1355 Market Street, Suite A-11

Tallahassee, FL  32312



Karen’s Updates:

Deep Water 36 x 60 Oil

Nesting  22 x 30 Oil and Cold Wax on Cradled Panel

Untitled 30 x 40 Oil and Cold Wax on Cradled Panel

Pond Reflection oil 20x16

Colors of the Day 14 x 11 Pastel

Crystal Clear 11 x 14 Watercolor

Winds of Time 14 x 11 Oil

Escape Into the Woods  20 x 16  Oil


Prickley Pear 11x14 pastel

Morning Path 11x14 oil

Golden Evening 11x14 pastel

As the Fog Clears 11x14 oil

Morning Journey 11x14 oil

A Path Once Taken 11x14 pastel

The Doorway to Memories 16x20 oil

Pond Study 11x14 oil

Yellow Poppies 11x14 oil


en’s Update: