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I got to know Ken through his being, along with his wife Karen, the owner of The Gallery at Round Top.  Ken’s a good guy and a first-rate artist.  Ken has a relaxed manner  about him which makes him easy to work with and talk to.


In thirty years of painting with acrylics, Ken Muenzenmayer has learned many “secrets” about painting in acrylic. Traditional in style, luminous in results, the Muenzenmayer Method of painting with acrylics combines the transparency of watercolor, the luminosity of oil, and the softness of pastels.

Ken Muenzenmayer works in acrylics on a textured surface using many glazes of color alternated with strokes of dry brush and scumbling. Through his layering of colors, he creates a luminosity, which captures not only the beauty of a landscape, but the spirit of the place as well.

“The colors in my paintings reflect my attempt to communicate in the purest form…the language of the heart.”

Ken Muenzenmayer, a Signature member of ACT, has paintings that can be found in major corporate and private collections throughout the United Sates. His strong compositions and unique approach to acrylic painting has earned him numerous top awards.





The Gallery at Round Top

 Round Top, TX


Ken’s Workshops

Ken’s Update:

Morning Rose. 10x8.  Acrylic

Mystic Windows.  48x48.  Acrylic

Another Day Put to Rest.  30x40.  Acrylic

Golden Cows.  8x20. Acrylic

Clam Digger.  14x18.   Acrylic

Morning Glory.  30x40.  Acrylic

Lake Pippen.  16x20.  Acrylic

Foggy Morning 16 x 20 Acrylic

North of Industry 11 x 14 Acrylic

Rek Hill 14 x 11 Acrylic


Tethered (10x8 acrylic)

Heading Home (14x11 acrylic)

The Artist (14x11 acrylic)

The Offering (14x11)

Wild Horses (40x15)

Summer Reflections (24x30)

Deep South Morning (24x18)

Ordinary Magic (14x11)

Swimmin Hole (18x24)

Round Top Sunset (18x24)